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Empio, known as Koutei Otouto (こうていおとうと, Kouteiotouto, lit. "Younger Emperor") in Japan, is a demon in the series.



DemiKids: Light & Dark VersionEdit

"Dark warrior of Valhalla, and its mightiest hero. He hopes to one day reign supreme."

Empio appears in both Light Version and Dark Version, but only speaks and is fought in Light Version by Jin and Rand. He rules Valhalla and has created severe unrest among the demon world. In his quest he has destabilized time, causing the time rifts shown all over the game. His goal throughout the game is to conquer the realm of Dem and Lucifer, control Valhalla, and the time tower, then spread into the human world until he controls it all.

Empio is only called Imperius throughout the game, and no time during the game does he ever speak to Empra or mention his name being Empio, his name only appears in text boxes as Imperius. At one point he captures Lena, and brings her to his castle before anyone can rescue her. She meets her death when she pegs Empio for a coward, which he does not rebuff. he then executes Amy later in the game.

At the end of the game, Jin and Akira decide to fight the twin Imperius lords. Jin takes Empio while Akira takes Empra. After the battle, Empio retreats into a dark void and Empra retreats into the Light Void. Akira stays behind in the throne room and tells Jin to go ahead. Akira is not seen again until the credits. Jin enters the dark void and faces Empio again when he fuses to Quasir. Quasir and Empio both explode, and the reign of Imperius ends.

Since both games are canon to the Devil Children games, it is implied that while Empra does not talk while Empio does all the talking, Empio and Empra are both speaking.

Devil Children Puzzle de Call!Edit

His true name is revealed to be Azrael and serves as a boss during the game.

Devil Children: Light & DarkEdit

Empio's true name is Azrael and he was friends with Amy Kashihara in the past. After he starts to regain his memories/former self he is eventually attacked by Empra and his forces, killing him with a powerful light attack.


DemiKids: Light & DarkEdit

Class Element Type Exp Level HP MP
King Dark Boss 921 46 502 218
45 43 41 41 43 41
List of Skills
Skill Element Cost Effect
Guillotine Dark 15 HP Small dmg +Faint. 1 Foe
Dark Saber Dark 20 HP Medium dmg +Faint. 1 Foe
Hyper Drain Dark 8 MP Null +Stat. Foes
Dark Judge Dark 50 HP Large dmg +Faint. Foes
Mystic Bind Dark 6 MP Paralyze. 1 Foe
Reflect Dark 25 HP Reflect Power Damage

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