Emperor's Amulet

Emperor's Amulet's status page in Persona 5.

Emperor's Amulet (大帝の護符, Taitei no gofu)? is a demon in Persona 5.



The Talisman of Charlemagne is an amulet with a True Cross and the supposed hair of Mary between the two large sapphires. It once belonged to the King of the Franks Charles I.


Persona 5Edit

"Also known as Charlemagne's talisman, it is said to make its owner an emperor. In between the two gems is a piece of Jesus' cross and a hair of the Virgin Mary."
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Emperor's Amulet is the fifth Persona of the Hanged Man Arcana and can be found in Shido's Palace and in the Sheriruth area of Mementos, from floors 7 to 13 (after clearing Shido's Palace). It is the only Treasure Demon with a title as a Shadow, being called the "Emperor's Talisman" before it is captured. Emperor's Amulet is the first Persona with access to the heavy single-target elemental and force skills, but as it cannot be used in battle, these must be applied to other Personas through fusion. When itemized using Electric Chair execution in the Velvet Room, Emperor's Amulet yields the Emperor's Amulet accessory, which increases the wearer's Endurance by 5 and grants them the Auto-Tarukaja skill.


Persona 5Edit

Arcana Level HP SP Type
Strength 35
Magic 35
Endurance 28
Agility 35
Luck 30
Hanged 35 850
Phys Gun Fire Ice Elec Wind Psy Nuke Bless Curse Almi
Strong Block - Drain Drain Drain Drain Drain Null Null 20
EXP Yen Material Drop Skill Card
2,500 25,000 Magic Stone Tarunda

Arcana Level
Strength 35
Magic 35
Endurance 35
Agility 35
Luck 35
Hanged Man 35
Inherit Reflects Absorbs Block Resists Weak
- - Ice, Electricity, Wind, Psy, Nuclear Gun, Bless, Curse Physical -
List of Skills
Skill Cost Effect Level
Agidyne 12 SP Heavy Fire damage to 1 foe. Rare chance of Burn. Innate
Bufudyne 12 SP Heavy Ice damage to 1 foe. Rare chance of Freeze. Innate
Garudyne 10 SP Heavy Wind damage to 1 foe. Technical dmg: Burn. Innate
Ziodyne 12 SP Heavy Electric damage to 1 foe. Rare chance of Shock. Innate
Psiodyne 12 SP Heavy Psy damage to 1 foe. Technical dmg: Mental ailment. Innate
Freidyne 12 SP Heavy Nuclear damage to 1 foe. Technical dmg: Burn/Freeze/Shock. Innate
Kougaon 12 SP Heavy Bless damage to 1 foe. Innate
Eigaon 12 SP Heavy Curse damage to 1 foe. Innate

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