Emiri Kanou is a teacher at Gekkoukan High School. She teaches Economics, Ethics and is Club Advisor of the Tennis/Volleyball Sports Club.



Emiri has brown hair and brown eyes. She wears a beige blazer, a necklace and earrings. While interacting with Maya in the online game Social Link, the protagonist learns that Ms. Kanou pads her bra in order to increase her bust size. Maya thinks Emiri is a "skanky hoe".


Persona 3Edit

She's the focus of Kenji Tomochika's Social Link. Kenji has a crush on her and before he asks her out first, she makes the first move and asks Kenji if he wants some "private lessons" and invites Kenji to her house. Later, Kenji notes that while Emiri is a strict teacher, she's a "real sweetheart" at home. Kenji spots a bridal magazine on her coffee table. Kenji decides he will propose to her as soon as he can. Later, the whole school finds out about Kenji and Emiri and as a result, Emiri is forced to transfer schools. Kenji told Emiri he wanted to transfer too, but Emiri decided it would be best to end contact. Later, it is revealed that she has a newly wedded husband. Emiri comments that Kenji must have misunderstood things.

If playing with the female protagonist in Persona 3 Portable, she seems largely inattentive towards her duties to Rio's sports club. She also doesn't transfer schools due to the lack of Kenji's Social Link.

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