Smashed Elve (SMTSJ)

The damaged, destroyed Elve.

The Elve (エルブス号, Erubusu Gou)? is one of the four ships of the U.N. Schwarzwelt Investigational Team.



The Elve is similar to other ships of its type. As the Investigational Team ventures into the Schwartzwelt, it crashes in Sector Carina. Zelenin departs the Red Sprite to this vessel before the crossing to the Schwartzwelt, and is abducted along with several other crewmembers and taken to Sector Bootes. The resident Tyrant, Horkos, seizes and absorbs the ship, killing the remaining crew. This and Mitra's experiments leave Zelenin the sole survivor of the Elve.

With the Elve's plasma shields, Horkos became an unassailable enemy. When informed of the situation, Mastema offered to create a crystal, the Shibboleth, which previously had been effective against Horkos. However, he noted that with the power augmentation the Elve offered, it would no longer be enough to drive him away.

With the Shibboleth and Irving's intervention, the Red Sprite personnel was able to create the Horkos Buster, a weapon capable of bypassing the Elve's shields and directly harming Horkos. As it was used, the demon's hold on the ship wavered, and ultimately was forced to drop the ship, unable to keep feeding off it.


Horkos' states of possessing the Elve (SMTSJ)
Horkos' states as it possesses the Elve.
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