Elec Icon IS Electricity or Lightning (電撃, dengeki)?, usually shortened as "Elec", is one of the elemental affinities in the series. Several spells have since been recurring in many game titles. It is one of the principal elements besides Fire, Ice, Wind/Force, Light, and Darkness. Generally, Electricity is opposed to the element Wind.

In battle, Electricity spells have a special random status effect, called Shock. Enemies afflicted with Shock are usually paralyzed for the duration of their turn, and all physical attacks against them are automatically critical hits.

Zio is the recurring electricity-elemental spell. Rarely, the spell causes an electric shock effect, which immobilizes the target for a turn and inflicts critical effect with physical hit if the target has no physical immunity. In Persona 2, Mazio- spells were omitted. In Soul Hackers, "Maha" Electric Skills don't hit all the characters/demons, they hit the targeting one with the most damage and "splash" off to the surrounding characters, doing some damage and a chance of shocking them.

General SpellsEdit

Name Japanese/Romaji Power Target
Zio ジオ
Light 1 enemy
Mazio マハジオ
Light All enemies
Zionga ジオンガ
Medium 1 enemy
Mazionga マハジオンガ
Medium All enemies
Ziodyne ジオダイン
Heavy 1 enemy
Maziodyne マハジオダイン
Heavy All enemies
  • Persona 2 duology lacks Mazio- spells. The electric skills which target all enemies are accessed via Fusion Spell.

Specific SpellsEdit

Name Power Target
Shock Light Random enemies
Charming Bolt Heavy + Charm All enemies
Thunder Reign Severe One enemy /
All enemies

Game SpecificEdit

Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne ExclusiveEdit

Name Power Target
Bolt Storm Heavy Random enemies

Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey ExclusiveEdit

For reference: -dyne spells have 200 power and cost 10, ma-dyne spells have 160 power and cost 30. The shot and spray skills are from guns and therefore have a power boost from the gun's natural power.

Name Power Cost Target
Zio Gate Extreme, bosses only NA 1 Party Member
Wild Thunder Heavy, boss only NA Entire Party
Lightning Extreme, Mem Aleph only NA Entire Party
Megido Storm Heavy, Zelenin(Pillar) only NA Entire Party
Elec Shot Light (100) 6 1 Enemy
Bolt Shot Medium (125) 12 1 Enemy
Shock Shot Heavy (150) 20 1 Enemy
Elec Spray Light (50) 18 All enemies
Bolt Spray Medium (75) 36 All enemies
Shock Spray Heavy (100) 60

All enemies

Shin Megami Tensei IV ExclusiveEdit

Name Power Target Remarks
Plasma Discharge Weak 1-8 Random -
Lightning of God Heavy All Elec Pierce

Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers ExclusiveEdit

Name Power Target
Loyal Shock Relative to Loyalty All enemies
Roma Fulmen Relative to HP All enemies

Megami Ibunroku Persona ExclusiveEdit

Skill Power Target
Shuuraigeki Medium + Shock Area
Sanraigeki Medium + Shock Area

Persona 2 series specific Edit

Name Power Target
Hyper Zionga* Varies One enemy
Vile Thunderbolt Medium 1 group of enemies
Thunder Baptism Heavy 1 group of enemies
Guardian Hammer Extremely heavy 1 group of enemies

Persona 4 SpecificEdit

Name Power Target
Narukami* Severe All enemies

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth ExclusiveEdit

Skill Power Target
Keraunos 6 Heavy Elec attacks Random enemies

Digital Devil Saga seriesEdit

Several spells referenced real world elements. Narukami is the god of thunder in Shintoism as is Jupiter in Roman mythology, while Mount Meru is a sacred mountain in Hindu and Buddhist mythology considered to be the center of the universe.

Name Power Target
Bolt Flare Light Random enemies
Jupiter's Fury Moderate Random enemies
Narukami Mega All enemies
Meru Thunder Mega All enemies

Devil SurvivorEdit

Name Power Target
Elec Dance Medium 2-5 Random


Persona 2: Innocent Sin skill cards
Zio card IS
Zio Card
Zionga card IS
Zionga Card
Thunderbolt card IS
Thunderbolt Card, which grants Ziodyne
Persona 2: Eternal Punishment skill cards
Zio card EP
Zio Card
Zionga card EP
Zionga Card
Lightning card EP
Lightning Card, which teaches Ziodyne
Game Icons
Elec Icon P3P
Persona 3 Portable
Elec Icon PQ
Persona Q
TMS Electricity Icon
Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE
SMT Dx2 Electricity Skill Icon
Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2

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