El is the default name for the protagonist of Last Bible.



El is a student of Gaia, studying under Gaia Master Zodia, who is just completing his training. After receiving a gift for graduating from the shrine, Zodia asks him to escort some children to Mt. Palo, but monsters begin attacking, and Zodia goes to Mt. Palo instead. Before he can access Mt. Palo, he must obtain a permit from the priest of Remlia. He learns in Remlia that monsters are attacking the town of Arrow, and hears from the Gaia Masters Vaerial, Mephist, and Baal that the monsters are demanding The Orb, a powerful artifact, and they are considering giving in to the demand. El obtains Lete Water from the Cave of Oasis and uses it to save the town of Arrow, in which he receives the Medicine needed to heal Kishe, and is rewarded with permission to enter Mt. Palo...


Spell Obtained
Blaze 1 Level 3
Heal 2 Level 10
Escape Level 18
Blaze 2 Level 24
Flare 2 Level 44
Spark 2 Learned from a Sage
Impact2 Learned from a Nymph
Force Learned from a Goddess


Last Bible Characters
Uranus, El, and Kishe

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