Eiko Nikaido is a character from Persona -trinity soul-.



Persona -trinity soul-Edit

A medical examiner from the North Japan Medical Examiner's Office. She works with the Ayanagi City police and discreetly aids Ryo Kanzato in his investigation into the Reverse cases. Though, even she isn't aware of the full extent of his involvement or knowledge of the cases. As he grows increasingly determined to confront Keisuke Komatsubara, she comes into contact with Kunio Ito, offering to help him investigate Ryo.

When Ryo eludes her attempt to track him, she manages to find him in the middle of a confrontation with Komatsubara. She approaches despite his warnings and is ultimately killed in front of him.

A long time family friend of the Kanzato family, she appears frequently in all three brothers' flashbacks. After Jun Kanzato and Shin Kanzato's return, she becomes a frequent visitor, checking in on them and chiding Ryo for not being open enough with them. Shin has long had a crush on her, but her attention is focused entirely on Ryo. In Shin's idealized dream world, Ryo and Eiko were engaged.


Eiko Young
Eiko as a young girl
Eiko Ryo
Eiko chases after Ryo
Eiko Ideal
Eiko in Shin's ideal world
Eiko Ayane
Eiko possessed by Ayane in Shin's nightmare
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