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Earth Icon IS.png Earth (地変, chihen)? is one of the elemental affinities in the series.



Magna Family[]

  • Appears in Persona, Persona 2 duology and Devil Children series.
Name Power Target
Magna Light One foe
Mamagna Light One group of foes
Magnara Moderate One foe
Mamagnara Moderate One group of foes
Magnadyne Heavy One foe
Mamagnadyne Heavy One group of foes

Tera Family[]

  • Appears in Digital Devil Saga duology.
Name Power Target
Tera Light One foe
Matera Light All foes
Terazi Moderate One foe
Materazi Moderate All foes
Teradyne Heavy One foe
Materadyne Heavy All foes
  • Tera, word probably shortened from the Roman Goddess of Earth - Terra, the various name of Earth and Gaia as her Greek counterpart.

Specific Spells[]

Titanomachia, or Titanomachy, meaning the war of Titans in Greek mythology.

Name Power Target
Avalanche Light-Mid Random foes (1-3 hits)
Heavy Rock Mid-Heavy Random foes (1-3 hits)
Titanomachia Extreme All foes
Rock Fall Moderate All foes
Magma Drop Heavy All foes
Earth's Anger Extreme All foes

Game Specific[]

Megami Ibunroku Persona Exclusive[]

Skill Power Target
Hell Drop Medium Area
Gokuraku Fall Medium Area

Persona 2 Exclusive[]

Skill Power Target
Great Magnus * Varies One enemy

Digital Devil Saga series Exclusive[]

Name Power Target
Landslide Mega (Teradyne + 1-Hit Phys),
lowers Accuracy/Evasion.
1 enemy


Persona 2: Innocent Sin skill cards
Magna card IS.png
Magna Card
Magnara card IS.png
Magnara Card
Magnadyne card IS.png
Magnadyne Card
Mamagna card IS.png
Mamagna Card
Mamagnara card IS.png
Mamagnara Card
Quake card IS.png
Quake Card, which teaches Mamagnadyne
Persona 2: Eternal Punishment skill cards
Magna card EP.png
Magna Card
Magnara card EP.png
Magnus Card
Magnadyne card EP.png
Magdyne Card
Mamagna card EP.png
Maha Magna Card
Mamagnara card EP.png
Maha Magnus Card
Earthquake card EP.png
Earthquake Card, which teaches Maha Magdyne

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