Earth Expanse, also known as DemSand and Sand Land, is a world in the Devil Children series.



Devil Children Black/Red Book

Known as Sand Land, it is one of the smaller worlds that makes up the Expanse. A desert realm filled with graves for the departed, whose main inhabitants are undead demons. The Tyrant Isis rules wisely over the realm from her Pyramid. Both Setsuna Kai and Mirai Kaname's mothers are buried here, with both their spirits briefly appearing to their children to talk of their father. Nagahisa Kai obtains his partner demon Sphinx from Isis as a gift.

Devil Children White Book

Transformed after the events of Black/Red Book, the Earth Expanse is now home to a variety of demons and is separated into two parts. One half is a wasteland of dead trees, while the other half is a flourishing forest with water. Isis still rules from the Pyramid, which is now covered in vegetation. Masaki Kuzuha starts his journey into the Expanse in this realm.

DemiKids: Light Version

Known as DemSand, is was the home of Lord Light in the past. A vast desert that is inhabited by demons of Egyptian mythology. Jin travels through the land to reach the Light Temple.

Devil Children Messiah Riser

Akira must travel through the deserts of the Earth Expanse on his route. Both Urd and Skuld join him as they flee from Imperium troops, with their sister Verdandi leading their forces from the Light Temple.

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