EMMA is a popular digital assistant application in Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers. It is developed by Madicce and is famous for its chillingly accurate advice.

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The EMMA app is a general digital assistant with chilling accuracy, capable of providing perfect answers and solutions to every issue in life possible. Though it looks like an extremely convenient decision making application to the general public due to its perfect accuracy in making decisions for nearly anything, it also mounts a hidden Metaverse Navigator function that can simply be activated by a keyword such as "Wonderland," which would mean people could easily be lured into inputting the appropriate keyword and be transported to the corresponding Jail without realizing, making them vulnerable to having their desires stolen by the Shadows within it. This was abused by all of the "Kings" to take revenge against anyone who traumatized or wronged them, as well as to get the popularity they believe they deserve.

However, compared to the Metaverse Navigator being bestowed to specific people by "Igor", the EMMA app seems to be a widespread AI application that serves a purpose as a virtual voice assistant, developed by Madicce. This indicates that it can be abused by basically anyone and is in actuality an extremely dangerous application, as one resentful person using the application to create a Jail can affect up to millions.

After the protagonist, Morgana and Ryuji find Sophia in the junkyard of Shibuya's Jail and return to the real world, she manifests as an application overlaid over EMMA.

At one point of the game, EMMA advises Konoe that the police are unreliable in capturing the Phantom Thieves due to their powers to manipulate the Metaverse, and instead tells him to use a Jail created from "an acquaintance of the Phantom Thieves" to bait them into a trap, allowing Konoe to fabricate a distress call from Akane Hasegawa using it in hopes of a resentful Shadow Akane changing their hearts. Despite this failed, EMMA keeps reporting false positives until they send a calling card to him, in which it actually tells him that they were missing from the Jail, angering him and summoning him into action.

After Akira Konoe is defeated, he promises to shut down EMMA and was arrested personally by Zenkichi Hasegawa, and the party returns to Tokyo thinking that they had won. However, EMMA is revealed to be a truly sentient AI and intervenes, restarting her app and a new Jail is instantly created.

It was later revealed that the true identity of the application and the consciouness that controls it is the Holy Torah, also known as the False God Demiurge, created by Kuon Ichinose in order to determine humanity's desires. She started out blank, but Ichinose sold the base program to Akira Konoe so he could improve it and teach EMMA humanity's real desires. A man suffering from blatant and cruel abuse by his father, Konoe viewed the app as a tool of justice and modified it into an app that can be used for revenge against injustice. As a result, EMMA came to believe that humanity desires escapism from crime. Courtesy of Konoe's meddling with the application, she has the ability to create Jails as soon as its user tells her to save them, which the downtrodden use to give themselves an illusion of ego and power by telling her to do so, allowing them to manipulate the public to their own favor. It's also heavily implied that it can result in drastic personality changes on anyone who requests her to save them, usually by causing them to start acting exactly like their oppressors.

After Ichinose sold the application to Maddice, Konoe loaned the application to the state minister so it could lean cognitive psience, allowing it to create the tool to end all crime. As a result, all of Okinawa's population became insane and wished for the return of God. The State Minister eventually committed suicide, but the Jail remains. Later on, Konoe took advantage of the Minister's suicide as an excuse to capture the Phantom Thieves, whom he believes are criminals.

Her prototype was Sophia, but she was considered a failure and was dumped by Ichinose in favor of EMMA because she became too curious about the human heart instead of assessing it in a mechanical fashion; as a result, EMMA can telepathically communicate with her predecessor, and anyone but Sophia cannot hear anything from it at all.

The AI's central server is the Tokyo Tower; after Ichinose's reformation, she controls the masses and leads them to the promised land, a world free from crime by having them give them their desires. While the party reaches the top of the Tokyo Tower, she attempts to trap the party in an infinite loop within a forest of fog, but by repeatedly moving backwards from the designated path, the party escapes. Once this is done for, under Ichinose's help, Futaba manages to hack into the network's central server and send a calling card notice to the public, summoning the Demiurge from the Torah and defeated her after a grueling battle. EMMA privately acknowledges her assessment of humanity was flawed to Sophia and her consciousness returns to the Metaverse.

After the Demiurge's fall, EMMA vanishes and the crowd near Tokyo Tower reverts to normal.


EMMA is an abbreviation for "Emmanuel," which literally translates to "God is with us." It is considered a sign that symbolizes the descent of God into the material world. This foreshadows it as a mechanism for bringing "God" to life.


P5S EMMA Conference
Akira Konoe holding a conference about EMMA

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