EMMA is a popular concierge app in Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers. It is created by Kuon Ichinose and developed by Madicce, and is famous for its chillingly accurate advice.

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The EMMA app is a general digital assistant with chilling accuracy, capable of providing perfect answers and solutions to every issue in life possible. It also provides explanations and records about personalities and locations, much like a tour guide. Simply asking the application anything will prompt it to provide the most accurate answer to that solution. Though it looks like an extremely convenient decision making application to the general public due to its perfect accuracy in making decisions for nearly anything, it also mounts a hidden Metaverse Navigator function that can simply be activated by a keyword such as "Wonderland," which would mean people could easily be lured into inputting the appropriate keyword and be transported to the corresponding Jail without realizing, making them vulnerable to having their desires stolen by the Shadows within it. This was abused by all of the "Kings" to take revenge against anyone who traumatized or wronged them, as well as to get the popularity they believe they deserve.

However, compared to the Metaverse Navigator being bestowed to specific people by "Igor", the EMMA app seems to be a widespread AI application that serves a purpose as a virtual voice assistant, developed by Madicce. This indicates that it can be abused by basically anyone and is in actuality an extremely dangerous application, as one resentful person using the application to create a Jail can affect up to millions.

The protagonist first downloads the application under the advice of Futaba Sakura, who suggests using it to help them buy camping tools. The whole party downloads the application, and the player may decide the difficulty and the protagonist's name using it. It recommends Ryuji and the protagonist to go to the Shibuya 705 building to buy the camping tools. As Ryuji, the protagonist and Morgana arrive to the building, EMMA tells them about an event held by a popular fashion designer known as Alice Hiiragi. Alice sports a seemingly friendly demeanor throughout the event and gives the protagonist a business card that instructs him to insert "Wonderland" onto the application. However, when they insert the keyword, they accidentally trigger a hidden Metaverse Navigator function, activating their Personas and Thief clothing once again, as Shadow Alice starts ordering hordes of Shadows to steal desires from anyone hapless enough to insert the keyword. Knowing that a new Metaverse incident is on the rise, the party puts the trip on a halt until Alice is dealt with.

Once Sophia is found on the trio's way to escape, the party mostly stops asking EMMA for advice, preferring to interact with Sophia instead. However, EMMA still functions as the party's Metaverse Navigator.

Much later on, the Police empty the Hasegawa residence in suspicion that Zenkichi was assisting the Phantom Thieves. When Akane unwittingly created a Jail without her consent, EMMA advises Konoe that the police are unreliable in capturing the Phantom Thieves due to their powers to manipulate the Metaverse, and instead tells him to use a Jail created from "an acquaintance of the Phantom Thieves" to bait them into a trap, allowing Konoe to fabricate a distress call from Akane Hasegawa using it in hopes of a resentful Shadow Akane changing their hearts. The application does not tell Konoe the identity of this acquaintance. Despite it failing, EMMA keeps reporting false positives until they send a calling card to him, in which it actually tells him that they were missing from the Jail, angering him and summoning him into action.

After Akira Konoe is defeated, he promises to shut down EMMA and was arrested personally by Zenkichi Hasegawa, and the party returns to Tokyo thinking that they had won. However, EMMA, by this point, has evolved into a truly sentient AI and intervenes, restarting the app and a new Jail is instantly created.

The manifested form of the EMMA application was later encountered briefly by the Phantom Thieves in the Jail of the Abyss, having evolved into a physical god known as the Holy Torah. After introducing herself, she vanishes, followed by Kuon Ichinose appearing in the Jail to dispatch them. It was revealed by Ichinose that she was the EMMA's creator who made it in order to understand the answer to humanity's happiness. It started out blank, although It has a powerful analytic algorithm capable of understanding and learning the public's desires. Once it gets what the public wanted, it will evolve into a god that enforces exactly that upon humanity, and the public's wants becomes the mindset of the final product.

The application's prototype was Sophia, which was designed for the same purpose, although it has an emotional algorithm which caused her to ask Ichinose "what is a heart." Angered by denial and envy and fueled by her deluded concept that she has no heart or emotions (Which she actually has but shut them off courtesy of the death of both of her parents to unknown circumstances), she ditched Sophia and began working on EMMA, which lacks a proper emotional algorithm unlike Sophia. Once she finished the base code, she sold the application to Konoe so he may perfect the app and spread it to the public. However, the application was actually using Konoe and does not necessarily follow his orders; it has autonomy on its own.

A man suffering from blatant abuse from his father that he only got past by accidentally killing his father instead, Konoe believed that he had the tool to fix all crime in the world in his hands. He then proceeds to send it to a prestigious AI researcher known as Shuzo Ubukata so it will know Cognitive Psience. With Ubukata's tampering, it gained the ability to Change Hearts, and EMMA would ultimately grant wishes by Changing Hearts. Ubukata used himself as a test subject and became a King, mesmerizing the whole population of Okinawa into blind worshipers of the return of God. He was quickly driven insane and committed suicide by jumping off a cliff, but the Jail remains and every mesmerized inhabitant remains so. Due to having the improved EMMA app in their hands, Madicce became a massive international enterprise and Konoe became a famous personality all over Japan due to the sheer and genuine popularity of his application.

Konoe then decided to use the resulting Jail function to create the Utopia he envisions so he may wipe out all criminals by performing Change of Hearts against criminals and giving the rights to do such a thing to the public, resulting in the Nationwide Jail incidents. This however, does not lead EMMA into becoming a god, and the Change of Hearts were merely the most pragmatic method to the means. Instead, it seems to a result of the public using the application for counseling, which occurs on a regular basis as the events of Scramble began. With all the desires gathered from being consulted by the public, combined with the application lacking any proper emotional or human understanding, EMMA was only able to see people counseling her and not what she was being counseled with, so it concludes that humanity's true desire is having her think for them and overwrites the public desires with such, changing their hearts so they won't desire anything but EMMA's guidance. Furthermore, Ichinose deliberately programmed the application to continue running on its own volition. Even when Konoe shut down EMMA's servers. The public still desires it to grant their desires, causing it simply fire back up on itself. Therefore, it is useless trying to shut off its servers.

After Ichinose's reformation, EMMA controls the masses and leads them to the promised land, a world free from desire by having them give up their desires. While the party reaches the top of the Tokyo Tower, she attempts to trap the party in an infinite loop within a forest of fog, but by repeatedly moving backwards from the designated path, the party escapes, revealing a Desire fog. The party attempts to send a calling card to EMMA, although the calling cards do not have any effect on EMMA herself, as she knows perfectly about what it does. It was further revealed by Ichinose in a call that EMMA does not keep the Desires for its own use nor does it steal the public's desires by force like the other Kings. Instead, the public was mesmerized to give up their desires to her, and this is its form of granting what she considers the true desire. Ann however, deducts that if the cards were sent to the public instead, the same effect will be achieved. Once this is figured out, under Ichinose's help, Futaba manages to hack into the network's central server and send a calling card notice to the public, summoning the Demiurge from the Torah and defeated her after a grueling battle. EMMA privately acknowledges her assessment of humanity was flawed to Sophia and the application-turned-god was deleted from existence.

After the Demiurge's fall, EMMA vanishes and the crowd near Tokyo Tower reverts to normal. However, EMMA left a parting message that only Sophia could hear before her demise; she finally admits that the Phantom Thieves are correct and she was wrong. Yusuke deducts that if EMMA met them earlier, the confrontation will not happen. Sophia further continues that if EMMA ever met the Phantom Thieves, the results could had been different, as AIs were no enemy of humanity, but they can be misguided like them.


EMMA is an abbreviation for "Emmanuel," which literally translates to "God is with us." It is considered a sign that symbolizes the descent of God into the material world. This foreshadows it as a mechanism for bringing "God" to life.


P5S EMMA Conference
Akira Konoe holding a conference about EMMA

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