Dyaus is a demon in the series.


Dyaus (or Dyaus Pita) is the oldest of the Vedic gods whose name means "Sky Father". His consort is the earth goddess Prithivi, although the two were once a single entity known as Dyavaprthivi. Together they produced many gods including Indra and Agni. However, despite his seemingly important role, little is known about Dyaus as he was to be killed by his own son Indra very early in Vedic records. It is said that Indra grabbed his foot and pulled him out of the sky where he fell to his death. There are several depictions of Dyaus, but the most prominent one is that of a great red bull whose bellowing is the thunder.

Dyaus can be traced back to Dyeus, the proto-Indo-European god of the sky. Dyaus is one of many ancient gods traced back to Dyeus including the Greek Zeus, Norse Tyr, Latin Jupiter and others.



Digital Devil Saga 1 & 2Edit

The Atma Avatar of Cielo. He is strong against electricity and weak against ailment-inducing attacks. Dyaus is the only member of the Embryon who can fly, and this ability proves invaluable to the Tribe several times. He attacks with strikes from his wings or a sharp blade which flips out from the crest on his head. In Berserk mode, he attacks by kicking.

In Digital Devil Saga 2, you can play a mini-game as him, similar to a shoot 'em up game.


Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner 2Edit

Shadow Dyaus is summoned by Chernobog if Cielo is in the party. Its skills will be the same as Cielo's. Shadow Dyaus is immune to ailments, but is weak to offensive ailment-inducing skills like Tentarafoo and Fatal Charm.

Race Level HP MP Drops
Yaksa 48 720 -
Reflects Absorbs Void Resists Weak
- - Ailments, Death, Expel Elec Charm, Nerve, Panic


Dyaus ArBook
Dyaus concept

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