Tsubasa and Eleonora performing their Dual Art, Dream Catcher

Dual Arts (also known as Duo Arts) are a type of special attack in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Dual Arts are powerful special attacks that can be performed by specific pairs of party members. When the proper criteria are met, the player can select to perform an available Dual Art during a Session using the L and R buttons, and the party members involved will attack the enemy in tandem. It is not required that both party members involved in a Dual Art be in the active three-person party in order to use it. The Dual Arts take the form of short skits, such as Tsubasa and Eleonora performing an idol duet while shooting magic hearts at the enemy, or Eleonora and Touma demonstrating a rivalry as they team up to attack, with Eleonora leaping off of Touma's head.

The player gains access to more Dual Arts as side stories are completed. In order to obtain them, the player must speak to Maiko, who first daydreams about these collaborations.

List of Dual Arts[edit | edit source]

Dual Art Pairing Effect Requirement
Give Me! Tsubasa Oribe x Kiria Kurono Attacks all enemies and fully heals party's HP.
Exhibition Kiria Kurono x Yashiro Tsurugi A powerful strike to all and then to one enemy.
Crazy Circus Eleonora Yumizuru x Touma Akagi Attacks all enemies and Poisons one enemy.
Love for You Mamori Minamoto x Tiki Attacks all enemies.
Dream Catcher Tsubasa Oribe x Eleonora Yumizuru Attacks all enemies.
The Tunnel Home Mamori Minamoto x Barry Goodman Attacks all enemies.
Last Rampage Touma Akagi x Yashiro Tsurugi Severely damages one enemy. Complete both Touma and Yashiro's final side story.
Falling Star Itsuki Aoi x Tsubasa Oribe Attacks all enemies.

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