Drail is a character in the Devil Children series.



DemiKids: Light & DarkEdit

Drail is a human and leader of the Rebels who oppose the Imperium in Valhalla. In Light Version it is revealed that he was captured by the Imperius and betrays the Rebels after being broken and tortured by him into submission. Jin learns of this thanks to two Imperium soldiers in the human world Rem stating it out in the open. He attempted to manipulate Shin to kill Lucifer and succeeded until Jin changed the past. Both Shin and Jin confront him in the Ice Temple where he does not regret his actions of siding with the Imperium and chooses to commit suicide. He is never met in Dark Version but is mentioned by his men.

Devil Children: Light & DarkEdit

Like in the games he betrays the heroes to the Imperium. Adnachiel reveals his role as a traitor in episode 34 and he decides to atone in the next episode, dying in the process.

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