"You... You have some nerve to enter the lab of the glorious Dr. Thrill without permission! Nerve, I say! NERVE!"
—Dr. Thrill, Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers

Dr. Thrill is a character in the Devil Summoner games.



Shin Megami Tensei: Devil SummonerEdit

Dr. Thrill, a scientist who was born in Russia and left for Japan after the collapse of the Soviet Union, experiments with creating artificial demons. The series of demons he make, known as the Gargantua series, are optional foes that can be battled. Dolly Kadmon is connected to his research. Several of the demons he makes are fought in his lab, the "Demon Hazard".

Devil Summoner: Soul HackersEdit

Dr. Thrill's lab is relocated to the frozen Warehouse along Amami Bay which he had iced over by Gargantua Zero to deter unwelcome visitors. Since he is in possession of the Dolly Kadmon that Dr. Victor wanted in exchange for repairing the GUMP, the protagonist and Nemissa eventually defeat the Zoma and enter his lab. Upon learning that he is a summoner, he rants how other summoners have already humiliated him and flees in rage.

Upon finishing the Amami Float dungeon, he appears as a demon trader in the Pet Shop requesting certain demons in exchange for special variants of Jack Frost that he created based on his interest in sentai shows and shaved ice, known collectively as the Frost Five. A message on Summoner Net reveals he had relocated to the Primate Intelligence Lab, where his creation Romero is an optional challenge.


Doctor Thrill
Dr. Thrill art


  • He can be encountered as an opponent in VS Poker at the Casino Blizzardon under the alias "Thrillionaire."
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