Persona 4 dojima house 2

Dojima Residence - exterior

Dojima Residence is a location in Persona 4 and the main hub of the game. A quaint and modern Japanese house at the eastern edge of Inaba, it is where the protagonist stays for the year. When the player enters the Dojima Residence after school, the time switches to Evening.


Points of InterestEdit

Ground Floor
  • Television - Check the weather forecast.
  • Fridge - Check for leftovers, which has various effects.
  • Kitchen - If Nanako or Teddie announces that s/he had bought food, the player can cook food to eat during Lunchtime.
  • Calendar - Save Point
  • Entrance - In the evening, the player can go fishing, work as a janitor or tutor. Exclusive for Persona 4 Golden, players can explore the nighttime of Inaba.
  • Gardening Tools - Exclusive to Persona 4 Golden. Plant seeds and harvest vegetables with Nanako and Dojima. Also, you can search and collect hibernating bugs during the winter, but you can't plant or harvest vegetables anymore.
Your Room
  • Television - Watch the Midnight Channel, the weather forecast, or Tanaka's shopping program on Sunday mornings.
  • Coffee Table - Do part-time jobs here. Players can also build two Mecha Models, F-M06 Brahman & Heavy Armor Agni (Request #26)
  • Shelf - Players can decorate the shelf with the completed Mecha Models, should the player accept and complete Request #26.
  • Study Desk - Increases Knowledge.
  • Sofa - If the player has bought a book, they can read it here to increase certain parameters.
  • Futon - Rest.
  • Calendar - Check for upcoming events and important days.
Outside before returning home
  • Cat - Spend time with the cat for the entire day, increasing Expression and Understanding. The cat will only appear after completing Quest #14.
  • Housewife - Gives you her cooking, which can be used as bait.


  • F-M06 Brahman & Heavy Armor Agni are references to Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner. Agni is Heat's Atma Avatar and Brahman is the final boss of Digital Devil Saga 2.
  • In the main character's bedroom, his calender has a promotional picture of Persona 3 on it. In later appearances, it is replaced with a picture from Catherine.
    • Moreso, an armillary sphere resembling Xibalba from Persona 2 duology can be found on a desk in the same room, thought this might be unintentional.


  • "Signs of Love" - Played everyday except when it rains.
  • "Alone" - After the dungeon Heaven appears.


Persona 4 dojima house
Dojima Residence in the animation.
A scene involving the family
Eelly proud
The Dojimas with Adachi
The Dojimas with Adachi
Oven mitts
Kanji in the protagonist's room
P4A Yu's Room
Yu's room as it appears in Persona 4 Arena
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