P5R Kyouma

Bicorn as a Disaster Shadow

Disaster Shadows (凶魔, Kyouma)? are a special type of Shadow in Persona 5 Royal.  



Disaster Shadows are special Shadows that can be encountered in Palaces and Mementos, and are signified by a purple-blue aura around them. These Shadows do not attack during their turn, but can otherwise retaliate once attacked and not destroyed during a party member's turn. Once destroyed, the Disaster Shadow will explode and heavily damage nearby enemies while dropping valuable consumables. This explosion is Almighty and is usually strong enough to end any fights by itself, so prioritize attacking them when they show up. However, if they are killed by Despair or a reflected attack, it will count as defeating the Shadow normally. Defeating the Shadow without triggering the explosion, such as via an All-Out Attack, still merits their dropped item.

Any parameters such as moveset, stats, and elemental affinities on a Disaster Shadow are identical to their normal Shadow counterparts; the only thing different is their turn order, which differs radically from any normal enemy.

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