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Digital Devil Story 2: Warrior of the Demon City (デジタル・デビル・ストーリー2 魔都の戦士) is the second book in a trilogy authored by Aya Nishitani. This trilogy is the original source which gave birth to the entire Megami Tensei franchise.


  • 487 pages
  • Reprint released on June 2006


  • Isma Feed: A powerful sorcerer and programmer.
  • Charles Feed: A MIT Professor and founder of the International Satanist Garden; Isma's brother.
  • Craft: An AI system belonging to the International Satanist Garden
  • Ohara: A teacher who was enslaved and impregnated by demons.
  • Nakajima Akemi: The protagonist and reincarnation of Izanagi.
  • Yumiko Shirasagi: The reincarnation of Izanami and the heroine of the story.
  • Narukawa: Special Forces agent assigned to assisting Charles; the reincarnation of Tsukuyomi.


The consequences of summoning demons into the human world have not ended with the defeat of Loki. The Demon Summoning Program has created a link between the demon world and the human world, allowing greedy humans to bring forth the great evil god of ancient Egypt. Akemi Nakajima now has a greater enemy to face, as he tries to protect the woman he loves and the world he lives in, both now at risk because of him.

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