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Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2, known in Japan as Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner 2, is the direct sequel to Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner, both for the PlayStation 2. In addition to continuing to story, it contains several gameplay improvements and new mechanics.


Directly following the events of the first game, Digital Devil Saga 2 focuses on the cast as they emerge from the Junkyard into the strange world promised as Nirvana. They find that the land has become uninhabitable due to the sun and the streets are lined with what appear to be human statues. Together, Serph, Argilla, Cielo, and Gale, as well as the newly introduced Roland seek to find answers for the existence of the Junkyard as well as the truth behind Nirvana.


  • Serph: Leader of the Embryon.
  • Argilla: The most human and caring of the Embryon.
  • Heat: Betrayer of the Embryon.
  • Cielo: Light-hearted and care-free.
  • Gale: Embryon's strategist, capable of quick computations and analysis.
  • Sera: Captured at the hands of the Karma Society.
  • Roland: Rebel leader of the Lokapola.


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Core gameplay remains the same as in the first Digital Devil Saga. Unlike other Shin Megami Tensei games, all of the party members are story relevant characters that shift between human and demon forms. As such, demons are not fused or recruited in any form and are simply enemies to be fought.

Unlike in the first game, buffs and debuffs only stack up to three times instead of up to four times.

Floor damage and dark areas make a return in this game, though the effects of Liftoma and Lightoma are exclusive to consumable items.

New mechanics introduced in this game include:

  • Player characters now have a chance to enter a 'berserk form' during 7/8 or MAX Solar Noise. Berserk form is a half-demonic state, transforming only a part of their body (typically their arm). Berserk characters are unable to use magic and have severely reduced defenses, but have greatly increased attack power and critical rates, as well as the ability to bypass all resistances to physical attacks. Winning a battle in berserk form will award twice as much karma as normal, making it a high-risk/high-reward scenario.
  • Player characters can equip one of several "Karma Rings", which increase stats and sometimes provide additional effects such as elemental protection or the ability to manipulate the turn order. By customizing these rings with gem stones found in the game, the player can further increase a character's stats.
  • The Mantra grid has been overhauled; instead of set of isolated linear branches, it is a two-dimensional hex grid, with each Mantra corresponding to one tile. Mastering a Mantra unlocks all six adjacent Mantra, allowing for more varied and creative paths through the Mantra grid. Additionally, the grid contains special "hidden" Mantra that are only unlocked when all surrounding Mantra have been mastered.

Additionally, a cosmetic change has been made to make battle feedback clearer: Failed status ailment applications no longer display a "MISS" message, while dodged attacks now do.


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