This article is about the demon from the Devil Children series. For the Roman demon of the same name and its other appearances, see Diana (Roman).

Diana is a demon in the Devil Children series.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Profile[edit | edit source]

Devil Children Black Book & Red Book[edit | edit source]

"A wee bit precocious female Petit Frost capable of manipulating ice."
—Devil Database

Diana is a citizen of Ice Land, and part of a resistance group against the tyrannical rule of Hel. Prior to the beginning of the game, she and other members of the resistance were arrested and sent to a prison cell inside Eljudnir, Hel's castle.

In Black Book, Setsuna Kai is also sent to Eljudnir after being arrested in the Central Land, and so both groups decide to join forces so they can escape together via a tunnel. Later, Diana tries to infiltrate Eljudnir in order to steal the Blue Messiah Horn, but is found out and captured. Setsuna then defeats Hel and rescues Diana, who gives him the Horn as thanks. Setsuna leaves the Ice Land and heads to the Marble Land, where Cool is heavily injured by Abaddon, forcing Setsuna to look for a cure. The cure is in possession of Vibhishana, who gladly gives some to Setsuna. If he returns to the Ice Land after this event and visits Dust's house, the Yeti will tell Setsuna that Diana has gone missing. She can be found inside the Frozen Cave leading to Frost Town, where she'll join the party.

In Red Book, Mirai Kaname is manipulated by Azel into thinking that Setsuna is an evil Devil Child who is plotting to destroy the Expanse. Mirai is sent to the Ice Land so she can help Hel capture a group of "bandits" who recently escaped from prison. Diana and her friend, Dust the Yeti, battle Mirai in order to give Setsuna the time to escape to Marble Land. In battle, Diana is fought alongside two Jack Frosts. After being defeated, she remarks that Mirai's eyes look beautiful. Diana cannot be obtained as an ally by regular means, only by being traded from Black Book.

Devil Children White Book[edit | edit source]

Diana is not involved into the game's plot and can't be found anywhere. She can only be obtained by trading.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Devil Children Black/Red/White Book[edit | edit source]

Class Type Race Level HP MP Exp
King Water Boss 12 393 180 -
Attack Guard Magic M Guard Speed Luck
- - - - - -
List of Skills
Skill Effect
Cold Voice Light damage to one foe. Inflicts Mute.
Makafuji Inflicts Mute on one foe.
Tarunda Lowers Attack for all foes.

Class Type Race Level HP MP Exp
King Water Boss 12 131 60 90
Attack Guard Magic M Guard Speed Luck
12 11 12 12 11 10
List of Skills
Skill Element Cost Effect
Cold Voice Water 20 HP Light damage to one foe. Inflicts Mute.
Media Sun 12 MP Light HP recovery for all allies.
Makafuji Moon 6 MP Inflicts Mute on one foe.
Marin Karin Moon 6 MP Inflicts Charm on one foe.
Tarunda Moon 5 MP Lowers Attack for all foes.
Bufula Water 10 MP Heavy damage to one foe. Inflicts Freeze.

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