There are multiple endings for the game Devil Survivor, six in total.

Endings[edit | edit source]

  • Early Bad Ending - Obtained by breaking through the barricades of the Lockdown on Day 6 and escaping after defeating both the angels and demons in your way.
  • Desperate Escape - Accessed by talking to Yuzu at the end of Day 6.
    • 8th Day Endings: Two alternate endings determined by whether Gin is alive and doing the Barrier events, allowing for the good ending. The bad ending is obtained for failing to do either.
  • Silent Revolution - Accessed by talking with Atsuro at the end of Day 6. Requires Keisuke's survival.
  • Song of Hope - Accessed by talking with Gin at the end of Day 6. Requires Haru's and Gin's survival.
  • Kingdom of Saints - Accessed by talking with Amane/Remiel at the end of Day 6. Requires Haru's survival.
  • King of Demons - Accessed by talking with Kaido and Naoya at the end of Day 6. Requires Haru's survival.
    • Warlord/Despot 8th Day Endings: Two endings determined by the protagonists choice on whether to kill humans or not.

Overclocked 8th Days[edit | edit source]

It is also worth noting that in Overclocked (the enhanced 3DS port of Devil Survivor) there are new optional 8th days. These are only available for the following endings however:

  • Yuzu Ending
  • Amane Ending
  • Naoya Ending (there are two available; the one you play is dependent on whether you choose to kill people or save them)

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