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Devil Survivor 2 The Animation is the anime adaptation of the game Devil Survivor 2 for the Nintendo DS. It started to air on April 4, 2013 on every Thursday in MBS. The anime uses the same script by Makoto Uezu as Haruto Shiota's manga adaptation with minor changes. It was scheduled to be 13-episodes.

  • U.S. Retail Episodes 1-13 - July 1, 2014

Episodic summary[]

Episode 1: Sunday's Melancholy[]

  • Airdate: April 4, 2013
Hibiki and Daichi discussing

Hibiki discussing his future with Daichi

Hibiki Kuze, the protagonist, and his best friend, Daichi Shijima, have just finished their mock exams in school, they go to Shibuya to shop and watch a movie. While wondering what they should do afterward, Daichi introduces the Nicaea website, which sends the death clip of one's friend to Hibiki and forcefully registers in his cell-phone. In the subway platform, they notice their schoolmate, Io Nitta, of a different class is waiting for the train also. While discussing Nitta, they receive a death clip from Nicaea of each other. Realizing they are right in the scene of the death clip and the oncoming train, they are too late to leave the station as it starts to crumble. The navigational AI of Nicaea, Tico asks Hibiki if he wants to live or die, he chooses to live, and Nicaea forcefully installs the demon summoning app on his phone. When the three students are awakened in the now collapsed station, Kobolds appear from the dead's cell-phones to attack and devour humans. Ogre comes out from Io's cell-phone and Poltergeist from Daichi's to fight off other malignant demons out of the blue, buying time for the three to escape.

Dubhe Appears

Dubhe appears.

The three leave the subway and it's then that they see their first glimpse of the now badly damaged city. Daichi is able to contact his mother, confirming his and Hibiki's families have safely evacuated, but Io cannot contact her family due to sudden network outage. Hibiki suggests to Io that they escort her to her home in Ariake until they have figured out the true nature of the demon summoning app. After they have arrived at Shimbashi station, Dubhe descends from the sky among the crowd. Realizing the unidentified object is moments away from attacking everyone, Hibiki shouts at the crowd to flee, in vain. The three run before its "head" explodes and shoots out projectiles that burn anything they hit. Daichi leaves the other two to a back alley.

Hibiki tells Io to summon Ogre to protect them. At this time, Hibiki receives another death clip of Daichi which shows him in a truck. Ogre falls for taking too much damage from Dubhe, then a truck driven by Daichi rushes to Dubhe and creates another blast. Dubhe is apparently unscathed from the ram, but Hibiki's cell phone has finished downloading a demon, which is Byakko. The beast is summoned and finishes Dubhe. Daichi turns out to have been saved by Pixie, a new demon summoned by Io, before the truck hits Dubhe. Amazed at the ability to summon the demon as powerful as Byakko, Yamato Hotsuin in the JP's headquarter orders Makoto Sako to arrest all three. Elsewhere, a mysterious man, Alcor, observes everything and refers to Hibiki as "Shining One."

Episode 2: Monday's Turmoil 1[]

  • Airdate: April 11, 2013
Yamato explains

Yamato explains the true cause of calamity.

Hibiki, Daichi, and Io are brought to the JP's headquarters. While Hibiki is taken to the command room, Daichi and Io are taken to another room. The chief, Yamato Hotsuin, and his right-hand woman, Makoto Sako, explain that the mysterious invaders, named Septentriones, will destroy the whole world and can only be defeated by demons under the command of a human summoner. The next day, Hibiki agrees to consider cooperating with JP's if they liberate Daichi and Io. Makoto then drives the three to Ariake to investigate Io's home, but the Rainbow Bridge that would have been their path there has collapsed, so they change course to the nearby church which is being used as a refugee camp.

Hibiki and Byakko fights

Hibiki and Byakko fights against Itsumades.

In the refugee camp, Io cannot find any news of her family and is in despair. At the same time, the church is attacked by a bunch of Itsumades appearing from the hostless cell-phone. Hibiki summons Byakko to fight, Makoto also summons Power to aid Hibiki and destroys the cell-phone which runs amok. After this incident, Hibiki is determined to fight for humanity. Daichi and Io also join him because they feel the same obligation.

Yamato gives them their first orders: head to Osaka and look for the missing JP's scientist, Fumi Kanno. Afterwards, Yamato is visited by Alcor, who questions why he didn't keep Hibiki by his side. Yamato replies that he's not the type of person who will die easily, so it won't be necessary. Realizing that Yamato has high hopes for Hibiki, Alcor states that he will also be hoping for a new Shining One before disappearing.

Elsewhere, at Nagoya, a man states that they're ready to put their plan into motion and won't let Yamato do as he pleases.

Episode 3: Monday's Turmoil 2[]

  • Airdate: April 18, 2013
Meet Hinako and Keita

Hibiki, Daichi, and Io meets Hinako and Keita

Under Yamato's orders, Hibiki, Daichi and Io take the JP's train to Osaka to help find their chief scientist, Fumi Kanno, who has lost contact with headquarters. They are greeted by another summoner of JP's, Hinako Kujou, at their arrival, but the other summoner Keita Wakui is less welcoming of the trio and returns to his mission of hunting down malignant demons by himself. At the JP's Osaka headquarter, their computer system is attacked by an anonymous hacker, threatening to corrupt all data and disrupt a barrier that has been protecting the city. At the same time, Hinako receives Keita's death clip that shows his dead body lying at the base of a large stairway that Hinako recognizes.

Berserker slashes Botis

Berserker slashes Botis.

Hibiki instantly concludes that the scene of Keita's death is related to the hacker attack and attempts to inform Keita of his impending demise. However, Keita gets ambushed by numerous Gozuki and Mezuki demons, forcing him to summon Berserker and rendering him unable to receive the call. All four summoners head to an abandoned theme park where the hacker has been located. They arrive just in time for Hinako to summon Lilim, rescuing Keita as he was about to fall from the stairs, supposedly averting Keita's death clip. The group tries to fend off the enemy demons, but soon learn that they are constantly being re-summoned by the unknown hacker. They form a quick plan to approach the hacker themselves, and discover that the hacker is Fumi, the missing JP's chief scientist. A powerful demon named Botis appears, who almost kills Io and is revealed to be the demon who kidnapped and brainwashed Fumi. Hibiki and Keita team up to defeat Botis, allowing Daichi to destroy the computer equipment used to attack JP's.

Merak desu2a

Merak appears in Osaka.

As the group starts to relax, Botis suddenly reappears and blasts the area with lightning, causing everyone to flee as debris falls. Botis commands the still brainwashed Fumi to continue with the attack on JP's, where she causes the entire JP's computer system to crash, causing the barrier protecting the city to quickly fade. Botis then releases his hold on Fumi and vanishes, letting her fall to her doom. While Daichi manages to save Fumi from the falling debris, Keita ends up taking the full brunt of Botis' Ziodyne in Hibiki's stead, and is sent falling down the stairs to his death, just as the death clip had predicted. Meanwhile, JP's detects the arrival of a new Septentrione in Osaka.

Episode 4: Monday's Turmoil 3[]

  • Airdate: April 25, 2013
Alcor and Botis

Alcor observing Merak's attack with Botis

Hibiki is grief-stricken by Keita's death, blaming himself for letting his guard down despite knowing his death clip. JP's officials arrive at the park to bring all the survivors back to the Osaka headquarter before Hibiki has the time to mourn Keita's death, in preparation for the battle against Merak. Elsewhere, Alcor is observing Merak's attack with Botis and discussing whether humans will be able to win or not.

Daichi is assigned to the medical team due to his demons being too weak to fight. In a room, Hinako briefly tells Io of how Keita helped her yesterday with Berserker when she cannot move falling debris. A JP's member then arrives and tells her to get ready while Io is on standby. Hinako tells Io to stay by Hibiki's side since he's still blaming himself for Keita's death. Yamato places all the JP's summoners and officials at different lines of defense before the tower which is under the process of restoring the spiritual barrier of Osaka. Hibiki is particularly placed at the rearmost position, so he can fight Merak with more data about the enemy at the expense of the combatants sacrificed at the front lines. Yamato's strategy, however, disgusts Hibiki and he ignores Yamato's order to reach Merak where Hinako is fighting just as Io arrives to cheer him.

Hibiki meets Alcor

Hibiki meets Alcor for the first time.

Hibiki arrives on time to save Hinako from Merak's attack and resolves to defeat Merak before it can advance any further. However, Byakko's Ziodyne fails to scratch Merak, while it, in turn, proceeds to injure Byakko. All the other summoners, including Hinako, begin to prioritize Hibiki's and Byakko's safety over their own, giving their lives while failing to stop Merak. Hibiki wakes up to find everyone dead, except Hinako who barely survives and tells Hibiki about Io before passing out. Alcor suddenly appears behind Hibiki, introducing himself and vaguely talks about man's choices which affects others, such as Hibiki's disobedience results in Io acting as his replacement at the rear defense. Shocked by his own ignorance, Hibiki rides on Byakko to pursue Merak, stating to Alcor that it's because he received the power to summon demons that he decides to do something to help others.

Ronaldo appears

Ronaldo appears

Io finishes downloading her new demon, Kikuri-Hime. Covered by other JP's demons, she is dealing some substantial damage to Merak and shatters some of its shells, but still unable to survive its Circumpolarity. Merak then sheds its shell, preparing an even stronger Circumpolarity at the cost of its own defenses, but Hibiki arrives in time to destroy Merak. While it dissolves, Merak attempts a last-ditch attempt to kill Hibiki, but a mysterious man summons Hagen to slice down the Septentrione. He introduces himself to Hibiki as someone who hates JP's and warns him that Yamato is not trustworthy. Hibiki then leaves with the man behind Io's lament. Meanwhile, JP's Nagoya headquarter is reported to be seized by the rioters from Ronaldo Kuriki's faction, the former JP's member who has just lured Hibiki away.

Episode 5: Tuesday's Disquiet 1[]

  • Airdate: May 2, 2013
Daichi and Io receives Hibiki's death clip

Daichi and Io receive Hibiki's second death clip

JP's orders their troop to travel to Nagoya by train in order to take back the branch which has been seized by Ronaldo's faction. Daichi and Io secretly ride on the same train, using cardboard boxes to conceal themselves to look for Hibiki who has followed Ronaldo to Nagoya. Upon arrival, they receive Hibiki's death clip, apparently engaged in a fierce battle. Fumi has awoken and starts rebuilding the terminal program which she herself previously erased while brainwashed by Botis. Makoto is finally taking some rest and recapturing how she was scouted into JP's by Yamato when she was a civilian, but starts doubting Yamato's foreknowledge of all the things that have just happened. She has privately informed Io about the location of JP's Nagoya branch and how to get on JP's train without notice.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Nagoya Airi Ban and Jungo Torii, two JP's summoners who have escaped Ronaldo's raid, plan to take back the JP's Nagoya base, using a secret tunnel that the insurgents are unaware of.

Legion appears Devil Survivor 2 The Animation

Swarm of Legion attacks.

At a park in Nagoya which is occupied by many refugees, Io and Daichi see the insurgents distributing the rations looted from JP's to civilians. Soon afterward, a horde of Legions appear and attack everyone in the park. Io summons Kikuri-Hime and defeats many of the demons while Daichi's demons still prove to be too weak. Just when more of the demons arrive they are defeated by Hibiki, who now possesses a new powerful demon Suzaku. Io calls out to him to warn him of his death clip, but Hibiki runs off, unaware that his friends were in the park.

In JP's Nagoya branch, Otome Yanagiya is treating injured JP's officials from the rioters' attack. Ronaldo enters the room with Hibiki and reveals Yamato's ambition to establish a meritocracy system onto the world through the defeat of all Septentriones. He returns Otome's phone and says that she and the other JP's members can still help and that the only one who needs to be stopped is Yamato. Ronaldo wants to create a world of equality, for that he is planning to fight against the next Septentrione by themselves instead of JP's or the government, without sacrificing anyone in battle. Otome and another summoner Yuzuru "Joe" Akie decide to aid Ronaldo in any way they can.

Young Yamato plays chess with Alcor

Young Yamato plays chess with Alcor.

Back in Tokyo, Yamato recalls his childhood of becoming an elite, how twelve years ago, at such a young age he was already being trained as a leader and in one event where JP's tests an early summoning system that summons Cerberus, who kills many of the JP's officials who were present at the summoning, but turns and bows its head at the young Yamato as he comments that they are incompetent. It was also in this period that he meets Alcor, whose appearance is unchanged from the present despite numerous years of passing, Alcor calls him the Shining One and plays chess with him, in which Yamato loses but refuses to accept defeat and demands a rematch.

Back in the present, Alcor appears before Yamato, who greets him coldly, saying that the game has only begun and that strength and power are what shapes the world, to which Alcor says that he is no longer the Shining One, despite saying that Yamato has never changed and asks if there are no other possibilities for his ideals to come true. Yamato replies that there is none, and promises he will prove it to him. As Yamato leaves, Alcor asks him if he believes Hibiki will win, and at that moment, Yamato receives a "friend's" death clip and seeing it to be Hibiki's, surprising him. He turns to Alcor, who has already vanished.

Episode 6: Tuesday's Disquiet 2[]

  • Airdate: May 9, 2013

Airi and Jungo make their way through shafts wanting to re-enter the JP's base, while Io and Daichi ask an insurgent to quickly take them to where Hibiki is located. At the JP's Nagoya branch, Hibiki discusses with Ronaldo, Joe, and Otome, about the incoming Septentrione and the mystery of who made Nicaea. Later, Otome asks Hibiki why he joined the resistance, to which he replies that he wanted to help everyone at JP's, but he sees the sacrificing of lives by Yamato's orders as unnecessary. Otome tries to defend the bureau chief's actions, saying that those lives lost happened to lessen even more deaths. Hibiki tells her that he would willingly follow Yamato, but only if he is sure that Yamato is doing the right thing. He also expresses confidence that Ronaldo would not give orders to sacrifice lives.

At that moment Joe enters, accompanied by Daichi and Io. Daichi tells Hibiki of his death clip and wants him to return, but Hibiki chooses to stay, telling them of the arrival of another Septentrione and that Ronaldo's group will need his help. He states that he does not want his friends involved in the fight and risking their lives, but Daichi and Io do not wish to leave him. Moved by his friends' resolve, he thanks them.

Caith Sith vs Hagen

Caith Sith fighting against Hagen.

Airi and Jungo fall through a shaft, but successfully enters JP's base and immediately fights with the resistance members. Airi summons Cait Sith as Jungo summons Neko Shogun, easily defeating the insurgents' demons. Ronaldo steps in with his demon Hagen and tries to peacefully talk of how they arrived without orders and makes them reconsider whether JP's is right or not. Though Jungo doesn't want to fight other people, Airi stubbornly refuses to listen, saying she's on the side of justice and will only stop fighting once they surrender, continuing her fight with Ronaldo as Jungo fights with Joe's own demon Orcus. When Hibiki realizes that a fight is happening, he tries to speak to them through the JP's intercom, declaring that there shouldn't be a fight at a time like this. Just then, the area starts to shake as the next Septentrione, Phecda, makes its entrance.

Phecda attacks

Phecda attacks.

All the summoners, including Airi and Jungo work together to attack Phecda, but realize that their attacks have no effect on it. Phecda shoots bolts of electricity, defeating all their demons as it then threatens to disrupt the generator that has been powering Nagoya's defensive barrier. Just when Ronaldo believes that Nagoya is doomed, Hibiki and the others arrive, summoning Suzaku, Kikuri-hime and Otome's own demon Sarasvati to attack the Septentrione.

Just when they were beginning to get the upper-hand, Phecda splits itself into two and shoots a powerful concentrated beam that instantly defeats Suzaku and Kikuri-hime. Daichi recognizes the beam as the one in Hibiki's death clip, causing Io to call for Hibiki to run. Hibiki refuses to quit and as he tries to summon Byakko, Phecda shoots another beam at him, but is blocked by Sarasvati. Unable to withstand the beam, Sarasvati is defeated as an explosion causes Hibiki to lose his phone, leaving him defenseless.

Phecda defeated

Phecda defeated.

As Phecda readies another beam at Hibiki, Cerberus arrives, heavily damaging the Septentrione, saving Hibiki from his fate shown on the death clip. Yamato shows himself and with his power to overwrite his demons' abilities, easily defeats the Septentrione, despite Cerberus taking a direct attack from its beam. Immediately after, Fumi appears on a screen and reveals that while Ronaldo and his group had their hands full, JP's has successfully retaken the Nagoya branch. The others ask how Yamato arrived so quickly from Tokyo, and it is explained that Yamato used his magic to transport himself there.

Hibiki angrily asks Yamato why he didn't use his own power to fight, and why so many others had to die. Yamato stoically replies that it is necessary in order to face Judgement day that he requires pawns to act by his orders. He adds that Hibiki is an exceptional pawn, and his abilities would prove vital in saving the world. Ronaldo interjects, telling Hibiki to not believe in Yamato's words and that an egalitarian system is what the future should be. He then tells everyone that should Yamato's merit system be chosen, Yamato will appoint himself as the new world's ruler.

The Confrontations

Confrontation between Hibiki, Yamato, and Alcor.

Yamato simply states his ideology of "might makes right." As Ronaldo's group prepares to attack, Yamato warns that he will not show any mercy to those who choose to oppose him. Having retaken his phone Hibiki summons Byakko, telling Yamato to stop and if he should try to hurt others, he himself will stop him. Just as the tension mounts, Alcor arrives, saying that he never thought that two Shining Ones would ever fight, once again introducing himself. He then tells Hibiki that the reason why Yamato came was actually because he saw his death clip, annoying Yamato and causing Hibiki to realize that Yamato came and defeated Phecda to save him.

Episode 7: Wednesday's Changes 1 []

  • Airdate: May 16, 2013

Everyone questions who Alcor is since he seems not to be a member of JP's. In response to Hibiki's shock, Yamato tells him that Hibiki is a weapon to defeat Septentrione, nothing more than that. Seeing Yamato's stubbornness, Alcor points out that he should be glad he arrived on time, or else Hibiki would have been killed like the death clip has shown. Yamato expresses his disagreement, saying that the notion of set fate is ridiculous and strength can change it. Alcor then asks whether Hibiki will follow Ronaldo or Yamato. Hibiki states that he wants to use his power for the right thing. Ronaldo attempts to warn Hibiki that JP's would just use him, but Alcor tells Ronaldo not to interfere, with Bifrons appearing to enforce this. Hibiki asks if he is also a demon, and Alcor responds that he is merely "The Anguished One," and has no intention of becoming his enemy. Ronaldo orders the resistance members to capture Alcor, but their demons are easily defeated by Bifrons. Sensing the danger, Hibiki tells Ronaldo to have his comrades retreat while he will take them on. Alcor reveals that he was the one who created Nicaea and the demon summoning app, which grants humans the ability to hold their own against the Septentriones. And thanks to this decision, he found a new Shining One, Hibiki.

Yamato cuts him off, saying that concepts like the "Shining One" do not exist. He then tells Hibiki that a new Septentrione will appear the next day in three different locations to attack all barriers at once, and entrusts him to defend Osaka's. Hibiki retorts that he will not become Yamato's pawn, and will make his own decisions. Before leaving, Yamato leaves the responsibility for defending Nagoya in Ronaldo's hands, since his actions had weakened the defenses at the Nagoya branch. Ronaldo reluctantly agrees to cooperate, but warns Yamato that he will never let his goal come true. With the tension gone, Airi and Jungo introduce themselves to Hibiki. As they ask for more information on Alcor, they find that he has disappeared.

On the top of a Ferris wheel, Bifrons remarks that Alcor's decision to give humans the summoning app was going too far. Alcor admits that he himself is surprised by his own actions. Botis asks Alcor if he intends to oppose his master's will, and Alcor replies that the presence of the Shining One has instilled his hope in humanity. On the train, Yamato notes that he has depleted his cell phone's battery "over a trivial thing" as he recounts his past with Alcor. Three years ago, he and Alcor talked for the last time since he has succeeded becoming JP's chief and will begin his quest to create a meritocracy. Alcor bid Yamato farewell as he said that he wished he'd been the Shining One. Yamato muses that things like Shining Ones and friends are complicated.

The next day, JP's is having a physical examination for all staff. Fumi transported herself to Tokyo and was greeted by Makoto. On the way, they reviewed what happened the previous day when Yamato transported himself safely to Nagoya thanks to Fumi fixing the transport terminal. Fumi reveals that Yamato could have flown to Nagoya using his own magic, but his body would have been unable to withstand the strain. This makes Fumi question whether Hibiki really is important enough to Yamato. Makoto explains that Hibiki at this point has become an important weapon, something which upsets her.

In another room, Otome and Io exchange their opinions regarding the situation they are in. Otome also talks about her adopted daughter, saying how her daughter gives her reason to keep living. She also thinks that Io is right for devoting herself to her friends and the person she likes. Outside the woman's check up room, Daichi is sitting nearby when Joe suddenly appears and comments on Daichi's attempt to peek on Io, which Daichi denies. Joe then is about to open the door, using an accident as an excuse, but Daichi stops him. Hibiki, who notices them, asks what they are doing, and Joe answers that they are performing research. As he said this, however, the door opens, revealing Io who has finished her check up and is surprised when she notices Hibiki with them. Hibiki and Daichi try to blame Joe for what happened, but Joe already fled the scene, leaving Hibiki and Daichi to be scolded by Io.

Later, the group prepares to fight the three Megrez bodies, with Hibiki, Io and Daichi in charge of Osaka, the rest of the JP's stronger members in Nagoya and Yamato in Tokyo on his own. Before being transported, Hibiki tells Makoto that they are no longer JP's members, an answer that Makoto accepts and replies that she's putting their hopes on them as friends. Once they reach Osaka terminal, the three are welcomed by Hinako, who has survived from the battle against Merak, and joins Hibiki and the others in the mission. Back in Tokyo, in Fumi's room, Makoto picks her up, telling her to be on standby. Fumi tells Makoto that she has found Io to be a suitable sacrifice for Lugh.

Episode 8: Wednesday's Changes 2 []

  • Airdate: May 23, 2013

The Summoners prepare to face each Megrez body as it approaches the towers. Airi, Jungo, Ronaldo, Otome, and Joe are stationed at Nagoya. Hibiki, Io, Daichi, and Hinako are stationed at Osaka, while Yamato defends Tokyo by himself. Hibiki recalls Ronaldo passing him a thumb drive filled with information of the Houtsuin family, while reminding him to take mankind's future in the right direction. Hibiki reaffirms his resolve to stop even Yamato if need be.

As each Megrez body surfaces, the Summoner teams begin their attacks. Megrez simply shrugs off their attacks as the wounds inflicted on its shell close in a matter of seconds, forcing them to employ stronger attacks against it. Daichi brings out his newly-acquired Heqet to do battle, but upon seeing the size of Megrez O(saka), it retreats to the safety of his phone. Hinako initiates her summoning app, revealing to have acquired Keita's signature demon, Berserker. She uses it to rapidly damage Megrez's shell, until a core is revealed. Hibiki employs Byakko to annihilate the core, but the Megrez body simply resurrects and continues its journey. Meanwhile, in Tokyo, Yamato has fully utilized both his summoning app and the tower to set up a magic circle that impedes Megrez T(okyo)'s movement. Using Baal and Cerberus, he single handedly defends the tower, and commands the teams to destroy all 3 bodies simultaneously.

Each team then pursues Megrez while whittling down its shell in order to expose its cores. Hibiki and Io receive a Death Clip, showing Ronaldo's, Otome's and Joe's simultaneous demise in an explosion. They inform Ronaldo of this, and he reassures them that the Death Clip will not come true. As Megrez N(agoya) approaches its tower, it plows through a musical theatre that held significance in Airi's life. Ronaldo orders his subordinates to destroy the JP's Nagoya branch basement, causing a cave-in to impede Megrez N's movement. As the team bombards Megrez N's shell, Airi busts out Lorelei in a fit of anger, which severely damages Megrez N with its Bufudyne. At the same time, the other Megrez bodies have had their cores exposed, and each team leader simultaneously annihilates them. As Megrez N disintegrates, it unleashes a final barrage of buds at the Nagoya team, killing Ronaldo, Otome, and Joe while injuring Jungo. As Airi mourns their deaths, Jungo points out a peculiar point of Nagoya, where it appears that even the sky is missing.

Later that day, Yamato and Fumi head underground to find an ancient relic - Lugh's spear, Brionac. They comment that JP's has spent a significant amount of time trying to modify it for use, but now the time has come for the one capable of wielding it.

As Hibiki ponders the reason for the Septentriones, Alcor appears to remind him that 3 more Septentriones remain. Hibiki expresses his frustration over Alcor's refusal to help the humans, and Alcor explains that the whole situation is intended as a trial for humanity to prove itself. He also explains that Polaris is the one who has imposed this trial upon humanity, with the Septentriones - including him - being Polaris' tools for this purpose. Polaris had been intending to erase the existence of humans due to them straying too far from its vision of natural order, but Alcor disagreed with this viewpoint, and thus created Nicaea to give humans a choice of either showing their will to Polaris, or being consumed by the Void.

Almost as if on cue, the Void enters Hibiki's view from across the horizon, as the unprotected parts of Japan dissolve into nothingness. It is explained that the Void is not just mere destruction - all traces of humanity and their world are being erased from existence. Alcor mentions that after all 7 Septentriones are defeated, the path to Polaris will open, allowing for humanity to seek an audience with Polaris. Hibiki begins to question his motive of "saving the world" if there won't be much left to save.

Episode 9: Thursday's Shock[]

  • Airdate: May 30, 2013

Alcor appears in Hibiki's room, explaining that he has nowhere else to go. They discuss Alcor's past with Yamato, and Alcor disagrees with Yamato's choice of ruling the world as a meritocracy, saying that in doing so he denies thought by controlling possibilities available to the individual. Alcor also expresses his anguish over being a tool of Polaris and thus unable to oppose its will, regardless of how much he wants to help humans. Hibiki allows Alcor to remain with him so long as Alcor is confirmed to not be an enemy, and as long as nobody finds out that a Septentrione is residing in his room. With some unfortunate timing, Daichi and Io turn up at Hibiki's room, forcing him to get them to understand Alcor's nature and keep his location a secret for the time being.

Meanwhile, Hinako and Airi get called over to the command center. Makoto explains that the 5th Septentrione is due to appear, and Fumi tells them that medical checkup has noted that they have qualities best suited for the upcoming plan to take down Alioth. After the rest of the Demon Tamers arrive, Makoto explains that Alioth will manifest in the ionosphere, far outside the attack range of the Demon Tamers' demons. In order to hit it, they will need to "recreate a myth." Alioth's location is then discovered to be right above Sapporo.

The plan is as follows: Hinako's aptitude for dancing will be used to draw Shiva's attention and ease its summoning. As Kama is a god who prefers young girls, Airi will use her appeal for his summoning. Should either of them come into danger, the Terminal can recall them to headquarters out of harm's way. As soon as Kama is summoned, the JP's Legions on standby will capture Kama and move him into a position within Shiva's attention. Once both gods are in position, the enraged Shiva would launch the flaming spear Pasupata at Kama, hitting Alioth in the process. Despite Alioth telegraphing an attack on Sapporo, the plan goes off perfectly, and Alioth's core is destroyed in a single hit.

As Jungo and Airi return to the Terminal, JP's picks up several large masses falling towards Sapporo - these are the remnants of Alioth's shell, knocked into the lower atmosphere after annihilation of the core. Fumi notes that they have already taken this into account and ordered an evacuation of Sapporo, and the remaining staff to return are those at the special summoning sites - including Hinako, Jungo, and Airi. Due to the Sapporo defenses slowing the shell's descent, all JP's staff return unscathed - but the remaining civilian population there is killed in the impact. Yamato is merely content with the Septentrione being destroyed and the tower unscathed, and Hibiki calls him out again on that mentality.

Later that day, Hibiki examines the contents of the thumb drive from Ronaldo and learns that the Hotsuin family knew of the invasion the whole time and attained power to prepare for it. He discovers Yamato's intent to survive the seven days and create a new world based on "national refinement curriculum," where only those who have proven themselves capable will survive.

Yamato treats the Demon Tamers to a feast to celebrate the mission being perfectly completed. However, the knowledge of Sapporo being destroyed has given a tense atmosphere. After some debate over their differing ideologies, Yamato reveals that once the week-long invasion ends, mankind has the right for an audience with Polaris. Hibiki points out what he has learned - that in seeking an audience with Polaris, Yamato has the ability to remake the world to his own ideals. Yamato does not deny this, and issues an ultimatum - to either join him on his quest to create a world where the talented will govern, or die.

As Io reflects on this turn of events, Makoto turns up at her room to inform her of the next day's mission: "Tomorrow... you will die for us."

Episode 10: Friday's Partings[]

  • Airdate: June 6, 2013

Makoto elaborates on her statement, saying that Io has been found to be compatible for the possession of Lugh, their trump card against the next Septentrione, and there is no chance of survival. She reassures her that her sacrifice will save everyone else's lives. Io breaks down after Makoto takes her leave.

The next day, Hibiki, Daichi, and Io are treated to breakfast made by Alcor. While Daichi and Io indulge themselves, Hibiki holds his suspicion over whether the food is safe to consume, being made by nonhuman hands. As Hibiki reassures Io that there will be hope for the human race if they survive the remaining 2 days, Alcor sees through her attempts to stay upbeat. Later, Alcor joins in on Yamato's solitaire chess game to discuss Lugh's summoning and Io's survival, warning him that Hibiki will not be able to handle the death of his friends. Yamato brushes it off, saying that friendship and emotions mean nothing to him.

Mizar appears in Tokyo, attempting to attack the barrier itself. It is explained that Mizar can replicate itself endlessly, and Yamato adds that Mizar's attacks are predictable and that JP's already has a plan for it. As Hibiki questions Yamato on Io's whereabouts, Fumi cuts in with a live feed showing Io being used to summon Lugh beneath Miyashita Park. Hibiki is outraged at the fact that Io would basically sacrifice herself for the plan to work, and tries to barter for an alternative. Yamato retorts by mentioning that Mizar's replication ability means that it will outlast even his Cerberus and Hibiki's Byakko in a war of attrition, and if they try to think of another plan Mizar would envelop the surface and kill everyone in the process.

Mizar's manifestation completes, forcing JP's to proceed with their plan. As Io is infused with Lugh's essence, the Demon Tamers all receive a Death Clip entailing her gruesome death following Lugh's summoning. Unable to sit back and watch as Io struggles to contain Lugh, he heads out in an attempt to avert Io's death. Yamato enables control of Lugh, and uses it to unleash the power of the Dragon Stream, converting it into a form designed to combat Mizar before it replicates beyond JP's control. Makoto explains that both Io and Lugh work as a means to control the Dragon as it consumes Mizar, forcing the Septentrione into another universe so that it will not damage Tokyo any further.

As Hibiki pursues Io, the Dragon's consumption outraces Mizar's replication, annihilating it without any input from the Demon Tamers. Having completed its job, the final head of the Dragon crashes to the ground and turns into stone. Io's mind then collapses, revoking Yamato's control over it. Hibiki arrives only to find that Lugh has completely taken over Io's body, and Yamato orders him to kill it (and her).

After Hibiki gets injured by a pre-emptive attack from Lugh, Lugh demonstrates the ability to think and speak, and is outright enraged at being used as a tool by Yamato. Yamato tells it that Io's body would only last for a few minutes, but Lugh finds that amount of time to be sufficient to enact its punishment. Lugh flies off towards JP's Tokyo headquarters, and Yamato orders Hibiki to pursue it. Daichi and Hinako subsequently call out Yamato and Makoto for allowing this to happen.

Lugh arrives at the Diet Building, effortlessly eliminating JP's defenses. It prepares to destroy JP's along with Yamato, but its attack is intercepted by Hibiki's Suzaku. Impressed at the strength of his demons, Lugh decides to entertain Hibiki, and tells him that Io's spirit is long gone, and that she chose to do this out of her own will. Lugh throws a second attack that knocks Hibiki off the building, but Yamato shows up in a nick of time to catch him, while commanding Baal to kill her. The ensuing struggle results in both Baal's and Suzaku's defeat. As Lugh realizes that it does not have much time, it launches a decisive attack at Yamato. Hibiki throws him out of the way, and produces a barrier to oppose the attack. JP's readings reveal that he is channeling the Dragon Stream in order to do this. Yamato and Alcor are both impressed by this fact. Yamato raises another offer for Hibiki to join him, only to get rejected once again as Hibiki reminds him that he will use this power to protect.

As Lugh continues to struggle against Hibiki, Hibiki calls out to Io and tries to bring her spirit back. Io admits that she chose to die because she cannot live on without her parents, and that she lacks the will to move on like the others. Hibiki tells her that everyone is weak, and that is why they have to rely on others, much like how he had relied on Io and Daichi. He tells her that he does not want to lose her, and promises that they will survive together. Lugh's control over Io breaks as she expresses her will to continue living.

Hibiki collapses from the strain in channeling the Dragon Stream's power, and Yamato commands JP's to collect and restore him. Io declares that she will not follow Yamato, and Yamato simply decides that he will simply use all of his power to kill everyone if nobody chooses to side with him.

Episode 11: A Saturday Towards...[]

  • Airdate: June 13, 2013

Daichi, Io, and Hinako, are watching Hibiki, who is still unconscious in the ICU. Daichi and Io start to blame themselves for being powerless in comparison to Hibiki's efforts. Airi and Jungo arrive, and Airi comforts Io, telling her that blaming herself will not help Hibiki.

In Hibiki's room, as Alcor patiently waits for Hibiki's return, Botis and Bifrons appear, with Botis asking Alcor why he continues to aid the humans. Alcor reveals that he has grown to like them and does not wish for them to disappear. Botis, however, disagrees with Alcor's opinion and prepares to kill him, but Alcor effortlessly kills Botis, stating his wish to see a miracle happen. Alcor then turns to Bifrons, who quickly chooses to continue to obey Alcor and respect his decision. Alcor then briefly visits Hibiki, telling him he must go to observe the world's fate, which he has brought forth even if it's the end of all.

Elsewhere, Fumi has installed Nicaea into her and Makoto's cell phones, since it's much stronger than her own replica. Makoto thanked Fumi for what she had done, though Fumi replies that she only did that because she liked it.

The next morning, Hinako greets Daichi and Airi, finding Hibiki still unconscious. They agree to work together to take down the last Septentrione and relieve some of the burden Hibiki has chosen to shoulder. They turn to the auctions in hopes of getting stronger, but find nothing stronger than the demons they already have. Io and Jungo then arrive with chawanmushi to share. All of them then once again properly introduce themselves and decide to celebrate their newfound friendship. However, in the midst of their happy moment, they all simultaneously receive each others' Death Clips.

The last Septentrione, Benetnasch, manifests, laying waste to Sapporo and the Diet Building in Tokyo. Yamato uses his magic to defend as the rest of the summoners summon their demons to defeat Benetnasch. Benetnasch splits and unleashes a sound wave that forcefully revokes the demons, rendering the Demon Tamers helpless until their demons have been healed by the app. Seeing this beforehand, Fumi, who is on standby at a building from afar, summons Trumpeter to disturb Benetnasch's wave, allowing the others to summon their demons again. Makoto receives Fumi's Death Clip shortly after, but her attempts to reach Fumi fail as Benetnasch counterattacks and kills Fumi.

Yamato can no longer hold Benetnasch back as it breaks his barrier. Unable to call his demons, Yamato depends on his own magic to fight it. Benetnasch launches multiple Megrez buds, which then develop into exploding Dubhe clones, cornering and killing Airi, Jungo, and Hinako. When it was about to kill Makoto, Daichi, and Io, Hibiki arrived in time to protect them. Saddened by his friends' deaths, and angered that Yamato abandoned all of them, Hibiki relentlessly attacks Benetnasch as he tells Yamato that he wishes to restore the world and prevent the same things from happening again. Yamato expresses his disappointment, as he had already lost hope in humanity. As Benetnasch begins to weaken both Hibiki and Yamato, Daichi summons Black Frost, a demon said to outclass every other demon the Summoners had brought out so far. With their cooperation, they are finally able to expose Benetnasch's core, allowing Yamato to destroy it, killing Benetnasch.

With Benetnasch killed, the path to Polaris should be opened and Yamato begins advancing. Hibiki halts him, stating he won't let him fulfill his goal. Yamato challenges Hibiki to either kill him or hold his peace, and warns that he will kill him if he continues to interfere. Alcor then appears, telling Yamato he won't let him kill Hibiki.

Episode 12: Sunday's Fruition 1[]

  • Airdate: June 20, 2013

Alcor decides to kill Yamato and entrust the future to Hibiki, and the two former friends begin fighting. Hibiki briefly recalls that if Yamato has his way and gets an audience with Polaris, the world will be modified into a meritocracy according to his ideals. Yamato lures Alcor near the Tokyo Tower so he can channel the Dragon Stream's power to increase his own power, deciding to end his relationship with Alcor. Alcor tells Yamato that through his interaction with Hibiki, he became a person, and not a mere tool of Polaris. That's why he wants to entrust his hope to Hibiki. Alcor then points out that Yamato has also changed ever since meeting Hibiki, but Yamato insists that neither his will nor his intention have changed and Hibiki is just a tool to him. Both then each receive each other's death clip, and proceed with the fight, knowing that one of these deaths will be by their own hands.

Hibiki receives both Alcor and Yamato's death clips and resolves to try and stop the fight, remembering his promise with Yamato that he will stop him. Makoto, who has also received Yamato's death clip, goes to help him. She apologizes to Hibiki, Daichi, and Io for everything she had done under Yamato's order. Despite this, however, Makoto has decided that no matter what happens she'll always follow Yamato. She reveals that she had lost faith in the world when an injury caused her life as an agent of state to end, but Yamato brought her back and gave her a purpose to live. Since Pallas Athena still hasn't recovered, she summons Power to go to where Yamato is. Hibiki, Daichi, and Io immediately received Makoto's death clip. However, this doesn't stop Makoto, and her final request to Hibiki was to take care of Yamato.

As Alcor's battle with Yamato continues, Yamato starts to lose his stamina since he has an upper limit when it comes to channeling the Dragon stream. With Cerberus in top form, Yamato summons Cerberus, but it's easily defeated by Alcor. Unable to summon any more demons, Yamato is disadvantaged, but he reminds Alcor that the app is designed to summon demons in correspondence with their user's potential. He prepares to summon an even stronger demon, only to be interrupted by Alcor's attacks, but Makoto protects him from the attack and dies in his stead.

Enraged at the loss of one of his most loyal followers, Yamato summons Nebiros and Zaou-Gongen, finally turning the tide. Alcor, refusing to give up and let Hibiki die, catches Yamato, planning to self-destruct and kill them both. Hibiki arrives, but was too late to prevent Alcor and they explode, greatly upsetting Hibiki as he questioned Polaris' trial. To his shock, Yamato turns out to have survived the explosion and opens the path to Polaris by using the Terminal. He then purposely makes his cell phone run amok so that Nebiros and Zaou Gongen will stop Hibiki while he's going to meet Polaris.

Hibiki has difficulty fighting against the two demons until Io and Daichi arrive, telling him to go while they fend off the two demons with Kikuri-hime, Lugh and Black Frost. Reluctantly, Hibiki activates the Terminal and witnesses Daichi and Io being engulfed by the Void before he departs. Daichi and Io start to lose their memories by the Void before disappearing completely, but not before placing their hopes in Hibiki to save the world. Hibiki reaches Yamato at the Akasha Stratum, declaring he will keep his promise to stop him. Realizing that Polaris would only appear after the victor is decided, Hibiki and Yamato summon their respective demons, Byakko and Cerberus, to decide who will meet Polaris and decide the fate of the world once and for all.

Episode 13: Sunday's Fruition 2[]

  • Airdate: June 27, 2013

As Byakko and Cerberus clash against each other, Yamato explains that their survival has been determined by Polaris, the equivalent of God - though said God is not omnipotent, as Alcor's development has demonstrated. He furthers says that it is responsibility of those who born with power to lead the weak whether they wish for it or not, and it was the misled choices of the incompetent that led to the decay of their previous world. Hibiki tries to convince Yamato of the errors of his ways, saying that forcibly removing humanity's ability to make their choices would not be one they would live in, but Yamato dismisses Hibiki's reasoning as mere ramblings of a peace-loving fool. Hibiki begins to question whether anyone helped Yamato shoulder his great responsibility, and asks why he came all the way to Nagoya to save him. Yamato answers that he saved him because he is a tool needed for his plan, but Hibiki points out that Yamato received his death clip, and death clips only appear to one's friends.

Yamato continues to retort Hibiki's words until he suddenly coughs out blood from overusing his power, allowing Byakko to defeat Cerberus together with itself. Hibiki pleads Yamato to stop and start over as friends. However, Yamato still refuses in order to protect his dignity and challenges Hibiki to kill him if he thinks he is a friend. He uses the demon fusion app to merge Nebiros and Zaou-Gongen into Satan, easily overpowering Hibiki despite his ability to channel the Dragon Stream. To his shock, however, Hibiki survives a potentially lethal attack from Satan thanks to Black Frost's protection. He then begins to receive the signature demons from all his deceased friends, and performs a sequence of demon fusions, forming Zouchouten, Purple Mirror, Arioch, Loki, and Metatron, eventually culminating in Lucifer. Lucifer easily destroys Satan and defeats Yamato. As Hibiki embraces the dying Yamato, he tells him not to shoulder everything alone anymore. Yamato is pleased that Hibiki managed to stop him as promised and dies satisfied. Polaris appears before Hibiki and he tells his wish.

The world is restored to the day right before the invasion. Hibiki waits for Daichi to finish his mock exam and they go shopping at Shibuya, with events playing out like the very first moments of the anime. While discussing their future, Daichi is uncertain, but Hibiki encourages him that something will work out, surprising Daichi since Hibiki has become more optimistic. He still invites Hibiki to sign up at Nicaea, which now looks a lot less unprofessional and fits its perceived description as a joke site. At the station, Hibiki and Daichi notice Io, so Hibiki invites her to hang out together with them to become friends, leaving Daichi shocked at his forwardness. As the train safely pulls into the station, Hibiki finally remembers the fight against the Septentrione invasion and immediately goes to the Diet Building, bewildering Daichi and Io.

Meanwhile, Keita is being interviewed on TV, declaring he is aiming for a gold medal in his boxing match. Hinako decides to travel to see how popular her dancing skill can be and considers taking over her family business once she gets back. Otome just finished her work and goes home together with her daughter, Koharu. Airi won a piano competition and then visited Jungo in his shop, complaining that he didn't come to watch her competition since he was working, but puts it behind her when Jungo presented her a chawanmushi. Joe is waiting for his girlfriend in the hospital, and gets mistaken for someone suspicious. Ronaldo continues his work as a detective and receives data of a gang's dealings, hoping to use this to corner the politicians supporting them. Fumi is working on her program as she receives an invitation from Makoto to go out drinking.

Hibiki arrives at the Diet Building and asks for permission to meet Yamato. From the building, a limo comes out, revealing Yamato inside. The person beside Yamato asks if he does know Hibiki, to which Yamato replies that he doesn't know him since he has no friends, but smiles knowingly at Hibiki before leaving. Understanding what he meant, Hibiki breaks into tears of joy, relieved that Yamato still remembers the invasion. From afar, Alcor decides that humanity no longer requires his supervision, as he is now confident that humanity can be led in the right direction. Hibiki stands up and looks up to the sky, resolving to continue living.

Voice Cast[]

Adaptation Differences[]

There are differences between the game and anime.

  • For the sake of linearity, the anime skips most of the side content in the game. This includes Dera-Deka, the other achievable endings, and Hibiki's interactions with the other Demon Tamers through their Fate routes.
  • In the original game, any person who has first activated the demon summoning app must surpass the demon which escapes from their device before sealing the contract. The anime version simply skipped this requirement.
  • In the anime, every character has their own Death Clip, including those who never receive one in-game, and may have additional Death Clips at points in time different from the game's plot. Hibiki, Daichi, Io, and Yamato are the only characters whose Death Clips are averted.
  • The Nicaea site does not end on the 6th Day; its Death Clip services still continue to the Last Day.
  • Yamato, Daichi, and Io are the only ones whose "deaths" are not predicted by death clip.
  • Demon fusion, a vital mechanic that would sustain the player's progress through the game's plot from the 1st Day, is largely ignored in the anime until the final episode.
  • In the original game, Polaris will only grant the wish of mankind, which requires the Protagonist to convince as many Demon Tamers as he could to join him. In the anime, Polaris will grant the wish of anyone who survives the whole ordeal, even if it's only one person, as long as their wishes aren't conflicting.
  • Some characters' backgrounds are different. For example, Ronaldo used to be a detective recruited by JP's instead of a normal detective.


The Animation's soundtrack is composed by Kotaro Nakagawa and is published in two volumes by Pony Canyon. The first volume was released with the anime's first Blu-ray and DVD on June 19, 2013 and the second with the anime's third Blu-ray and DVD on August 21, 2013. The opening theme is "Take Your Way" by livetune, a doujin music circle with vocals by Sekai no Owari's vocalist Satoshi Fukase. The ending theme is "Be" by Song Raiders. An insert song "Each and All," also by livetune with vocals by Rin Oikawa was used as the ending theme of the tenth episode.


DVD Covers


DeSu2 Cafe

Devil Survivor 2 The Animation-styled food

  • A variety of Devil Survivor 2 The Animation-styled foods and drinks were served through a collaboration with Pasela Resorts for a limited time.
  • The chorus of each episode's opening sequence shows various clips from the previous and current episodes' events.
  • When characters die, they are removed from the current and subsequent episodes' ending sequence. So far, all characters are absent from the sequence except Hibiki and Yamato until the final episode all characters had been revived.
  • In each episodes' title, each star of the Big Dipper will have a chance to be the center of a clock, representing the Septentrione Hibiki and others must face on that day.
  • Character profiles will undergo an update on demons in their possession. As an example, Hibiki's latest profile includes his newly gained Suzaku into his summonable demon list.
  • It is revealed in Episode 10: Friday's Partings when Io was checking her previous texts from her mother before she was killed that the Septentriones invasion takes place in November and starts on November 6th.
    • The date is then clarified in episode 13 when Fumi reads a text from Makoto showing the date November 6 which is Sunday in 2011 (the actual year of the game's release in Japan).
    • This also coincides with the fact that while the anime takes place somewhere between Autumn and Winter, the game implies that the event takes place in Summer. This happens when you go to Mt. Fuji to release the stake Io says it's very cold even though it's Summer.
  • According to the interview with Seiji Kishi in the Character Archives, the storyboard and ideas that cannot be put in the game are instead used in the anime. One such example is Yamato's past with Alcor that cannot be revealed further in the game, but revealed more in the anime, making the anime a tie-in to the original game.

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