The Yuzu ending of Devil Survivor is one of six possible endings of Devil Survivor. It is always available, no matter what choices the protagonist made in the game, and is considered the worst ending in the original DS version. The eighth day exclusive to the 3DS version adds a more hopeful conclusion. It is initiated by speaking to Yuzu at the end of Day 6. Initiating this ending causes Midori and Keisuke to temporarily leave the party.

In this route, the protagonist and his party attempt to escape from the Lockdown. In order to accomplish this, they seek out Naoya's assistance, and he easily complies without objection. The plan is revealed to be creating a diversion which requires the help of friends, causing the party to ask for Kaido's help and rerecruit Midori and Keisuke. Afterward, the party meets an angry gigolo, who reveals his identity as Loki. Disappointed with the protagonist's choice to turn from becoming the king of Bel, he attacks.

The player receives the ability to fuse Loki after this battle.

The party defeats him and meets up with Naoya. He reveals the target areas to be Ueno, Shinjuku and Shibuya, whom Kaido, himself and the party are respectively assigned to. At Shibuya, the party is met by the angels of death Anael and Sariel, who are later accompanied by Amane and Izuna.

The attempt to break through the lockdown was hard, but successful.
At last, you were headed back home. That was your wish, but the scene before you was nothing like the world you all longed for...
Demons thrived as humans fled for their lives.
What awaited for your on the other side was no different than what you left behind.

Upon defeating them, the party discovers Honda outside, who had escaped during the chaos. He reveals that his son has, unfortunately, passed away, causing his mind to snap and a desire to do as he wishes in the new world. As a result of the party's attempt to break through the lockdown, demons run rampant. Worse, unlike the "Honda ending," the angels are not able to interfere with the option due to Amane/Remiel's defeat, and the SDF are weakened without the angels' support, refusing to enact the final lockdown due to its futility; demons are already free.

The final option was never used, and the lockdown was lifted.
Without the angels' backing, the SDF suffered defeat after defeat against the demons Honda and his comrades summoned.
The angels who could have prevented it have all been defeated by your own hand.

Months later, after Honda and his comrades have used demons to destroy civilization, the protagonist receives an email:

"Within a few nights, demons have stolen order from this world. You had understood that the lockdown was to prevent them from being loosed, but you cast your eyes away. You did not run from demons. You did not run from suffering. You ran from yourself. If humans prove wise, then someday, peace may return to man's hands. But you will live in regret until that day comes, son of man, in this world of chaos you have brought upon yourself."

The player receives the ability to fuse Remiel after seeing this ending.

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