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Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers Intruder (デビルサマナー ソウルハッカーズ Intruder*)? is an RPG published by BBMF for Japanese mobile phones.


Soul Hackers Intruder is a strategy RPG based on Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers. It takes place half a year after the events of the original game. The game takes place after the New Game+ route of the original Soul Hackers as Spooky is still alive.[1] New enemies appear in Amami City and Spookies reunite. Action is divided between story and battle sections, with the battle sections being turn-based strategy style fights. This game also introduces a capacity system that demons can activate once per battle.


Six months after the end of the original Soul Hackers, The Protagonist reunites with Hitomi Tono, returning from her time abroad with her father. At the request of Yūichi Haga, the Spookies slowly assemble as the events unfold. Yuichi, who had been living in the deserted Amami City on his own to continue his work as a hacker, noticed strange occurences in the city's servers, and reached out to the rest of the Spookies to help him handle the situation. As it turns out, demons have manifested in the digital space and are attacking the city's servers for an unknown reason. Yuichi is able to see them through his monitor, but is unable to intervene. However the protagonist's COMP, as is, cannot participate in battles in the digital space. Hitomi then suggest to pay Victor a visit. Victor successfully modifies the COMP so that demons can be summoned into the digital space to fight, he also explains that due to the city being abandonned, much of the help the Spookies had in their previous venture will not be possible, such as the merchants and ELL-115 not being able to provide their services.

A lot of battling ensues as the game throws mission after mission upon the player, the Spookies reuniting slowly between battles, until the party is faced with a heavily defended file that has been sealed within the servers. The party is able to defeat the waves of enemies, and is able to remove the locks, however they were met with dozens upon dozens of demons lying in wait on the other side of the barrier, thinking it to be a trap, Spooky suggest the team abandons the mission and leave the city, however a familiar voice rings out from the PC. Nemissa appears in the digital space, taking out many of the demons, telling the Spookies it's too early to give up. The protagonist joins in the fight via his demons, and the party is able to successfully clear them out. Nemissa then escapes from the PC, manifesting in the real world with her own body, retaining her appearance from when she had taken hold of Hitomi six months prior. After a touching reunion with the group, Nemissa explains that since the day she said goodbye to them and joined with Manitou, she somehow ended up in the City Servers, with no way of escaping. Six, Lunch, and Yuichi react to Nemissa at first confused, sensing a familiarity, and seemingly clueing into what had really happened to Hitomi six months ago.

The story continues as they investigate the objective of the demons, running into Rei Reiho who also sensed a situation brewing in Amami City, and trying to unearth the identity of the mysterious demon who appears occasionally to tell the party not to interfere with their plans.


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