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Devil Children White Book is the third game of the Devil Children series and a sequel to Black Book and Red Book, featuring a different protagonist.


Ten years ago, the angel Raguel set forth a plan to take control of the Expanse and the Earth. As part of his plan, Raguel sent his servant Paku to bestow the power of angels to a newborn human, turning them into an Angel Child who could later be manipulated into leading the humans and creating a world of order while acting as Raguel's puppet. In order to stop Raguel's plans, Nathanael sent his servant Harmil to bestow the power of demons to another newborn human. The humans chosen by the demons and the angels were two boys born on the same day, their names Masaki Kuzuha and Takaharu Ougi.

Ten years later and sometime after the events of Black Book and Red Book, Masaki and Takaharu are neighbors and best friends. Masaki tends to be very laid back which clashes with Takaharu's strict dad that would prefer they don't hang out. When walking to school, Masaki is attacked by Souta the Ratatoskr but is saved by Clay the Chimera who ends up his partner. After school, Takaharu says he has to attend a student council meeting and asks Masaki to go see his younger sister Shou Ougi at Harajuku Park. Masaki agrees and heads there but Shou is attacked by a group of demons who emerged from the nearby construction site. One of the demons puts a curse on Shou, placing her into an eternal sleep while making everyone in town believe that Masaki is responsible.

After visiting her in the hospital, he tries to tell Takaharu it wasn't his fault, but he's hesitant since Masaki was the only one around. After leaving the hospital Masaki runs into Zett who tells him the cure might be able to be found in the Expanse, and that there's an entrance to it at the construction site. But when Masaki gets there, he sees Takaharu with his partner Rei. They discuss about their abilities as a devil child and angel child and while Rei is very hostile to Masaki, Takaharu still wants to trust his best friend. While there they also run into Paku who panics and runs away, seeming to know something about Masaki.

Getting to Sand Land, Masaki tries to follow Takaharu to go see Isis, but Moloch says only one person can pass. However, he says there's a passage outside of the village that also leads there. But when Masaki follows that path, he gets ambushed by Seth, Moloch having set him up as the cave is a dead end. However, Masaki finds another path from the well in the village and heads toward the pyramid. But Moloch stops him, discussing how the goal is for Takaharu to find the cure and become a hero and lead the future, but Masaki is getting in the way of that. After finally getting to Isis, she assures him that Takaharu doesn't think Masaki hurt Shou and trusts him. She doesn't know the cure, but knows there's a demon in Ice Land that may know. But to get there he has to go through Wind Land.

There, Masaki meets a young sick demon named Branwell, whose brother Bran went to go get a mushroom that's the cure. When Masaki helps get them, he's given the Rainbow Kite which can help him ride the winds. However, the winds aren't blowing right now. In a cave nearby he also runs into Setsuna and Mirai who say they were also attacked on earth, thinking they were the devil child they needed to hunt. They decide they'll investigate who is behind all this and leave Masaki to continue trying to find a cure. Next Masaki goes to meet Lady Brahman, who had just met with Takaharu. Masaki asks to access the gate to Ice Land, but Brahman insists that Takaharu told him to stop following and that he's getting in the way. Masaki doesn't believe this, but can't get past. Instead, he seeks to get the wind going again and meets a drunk Stribog. After sobering him up with a battle, Stribog agrees to get the winds started again so Masaki can get to the shrine. At the shrine he meets Nathaneal, who says he's been watching over Masaki. However, Nathanael simply tells Masaki to continue on his path and that him and Takaharu still have hope. Harmil questions why he didn't say more, but he replies that he doesn't need to interfere further, and Masaki heads to Ice Land.

In Ice Land, Masaki runs into Takaharu, Harmil, and Paku. Harmil mentions that Paku always gets nervous when devil and angel children are brought up, making Paku panics again. Takaharu says he heard a cure can be found at King Frost's palace so they head out together to go see. As they work together, Takaharu confesses that everyone he runs into tries to tell him that Masaki caused the issue. But he feels that their friendship is consistently proven true, and so he trusts Masaki anyway. Rei still distrusts them but ultimately defers to Takaharu's judgment. However, after Takaharu goes ahead, Horus tries to stop Masaki, once again insisting he's interfering. After breaking through they meet with King Frost, who gives the cure to Takaharu. However, he insists that Masaki take it to Shou in order to clear his name. And so they head back to Harajuku.

Back in Harajuku once the cure is delivered, Shou immediately clears Masaki's name, with her dad even begrudgingly letting Masaki go. But when Masaki visits Shou at home, she mentioned while she was out she had a dream hearing voices saying that they had to make Takaharu hate Masaki for their plan to work. When he goes to find Takaharu it turns out his dad is in a meeting with the angels. Then a frost runs up to Masaki, stating that King Frost. Uriel appears and insists that Masaki's very existence is an interference. He defeats Uriel and heads back to Ice Land to find out where King Frost is.

In Ice Land Masaki takes a secret passage and runs into Samigina, the commander of the angels here. After her defeat the angels retreat, and he runs into King Frost, Setsuna, and Mirai. They split up again to find a way to Heaven, Masaki going to find Takaharu. But when he does, Rei doesn't believe Masaki about the angels attacking and so Rei and Clay get into a fight, while Masaki and Takaharu ignore them and continue talking. Takaharu mentions there is a gate at the top of the building his dad works at, so he'll tell that guards Masaki is a friend of his so he can get through. However, when Masaki tries to enter heaven, he instead falls into the Abyss as Uriel taunts him. In the Abyss, Setsuna shows up to free Masaki and take him to meet Lucifer, revealing to him that Lucifer is Setsuna and Mirai's dad. Lucifer says Masaki should have Takaharu try to learn the angel's plan. But something about Masaki reminds Lucifer of the story of creation.

Hoshigami and a Jashin. Hoshigami was almost destroyed and after bearly leaving Jashin alive, took pity on him and sealed him away instead of destroying him. She then created the world and bestowed three powers, Angel, Demon, and Human. After telling the story, Masaki heads back to Harajuku to meet up with Takaharu again. However, Takaharu is being taken by the angels and Masaki goes after back into Heaven. In Heaven, Uriel once again taunts Masaki. However, this time, something in Masaki awakens, and he is able to step forward without falling, defeating a shocked Uriel. Takaharu this time attacks Masaki, being directly controlled by the angels. But when this fails, it is revealed that Raguel was behind it all. He had Paku give angel powers to Takaharu in order to manipulate him into destroying the expanse and enslaving humans. However after Takaharu and Raguel are both defeated, he attempts to get Masaki to join. When even this fails, he decides to go to Eden where Jashin is sealed and awaken him.

Suddenly Paku and Harmil appear in order to explain why Takaharu was able to enter heaven and defeat Raguel. Back when him and Takaharu were born, Paku actually made a mistake. At first he gave angel powers to Masaki, and in a panic, gave them to Takaharu too and just hoped that Raguel would never notice. With all three powers, Masaki will be able to enter Eden and handle Jashin. From here there are 3 endings.

If Masaki makes Takaharu go by himself, he will go and ultimately get defeated by Jashin.

If Masaki chooses to go by himself he will go and confront Jashin alone. However, if Masaki lets Takaharu come with him, then when Hoshigami awakens she will offer to help, temporarily fusing Takaharu and Rei into herself to join the fight. Confronting Raguel, he is consumed and fused with Jashin when he awakens, declaring that there is no point to the world created by Hoshigami. Once he is defeated he lays motionless, only able to repeat himself. With Raguel completely foiled, life in the expanse and on earth manage to return to normal, with Takaharu now having gained a bit more courage to assert himself against his stricter dad.

While there is no post-game dungeon as the Abyss is traveled to in the course of the story, there is no real post-game boss. However there are a variety of demons that can be collected post-game including Jashin.



Most of the gameplay is unchanged from the previous games. 80 new demons were added, increasing the total from 255 to 335. -dyne tier spells, which were absent from the previous games, were added, albeit only for a handful of new demons. It is now possible to give nicknames to demons when fusing, recruiting, or buying them from the casino. The Devil Riser and King Riser can now be powered up by attachments called Power Units which have numerous effects both inside and outside of battle, though there is a limit to how many Power Units can be equipped at a time.

Both Black Book's Racial Fusion as well as Red Book's Pure and Mixed Blood Fusions are available, giving the player more options in how to strengthen their demons. A new type of fusion was added: Infrared Fusion, which makes use of the Game Boy Color's infrared sensor. Some demons from the previous games can only be obtained via Infrared Fusion, while others (mainly bosses) only via trading.



  • Unlike Black Book and Red Book, White Book did not receive a remake or a Virtual Console release.
  • While it is never specified how much time passed between Black/Red Book and White Book, it is less than one year as Setsuna Kai and Mirai Kaname's profiles in the official site list them as 10 and 11 years old respectively, which were their ages in the previous games.

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