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Devil Children Messiah Riser is a game in the Devil Children series.


Amy is at home in Valhalla when her village is somehow once again attacked by the Imperium. Akira, Jin, and Lena. All have the same dream of a huge white figure attacking Valhalla, so they head there and run into Amy who mentions the Imperium is back. While they're unsure how the Imperium is back, they learn that they're after the "Messiah Riser," many years ago a Messiah fought an extremely powerful demon and instead of killing it, was only able to seal it away. And so he created a riser and sealed the demon inside, creating 4 stones acting as locks on it. The group decides that since the stones are needed, it would be better to go after those instead of the Riser itself. From here they split up and you choose who to follow. Akira and Amy go to get the ice and earth stones while Jin and Lena go to get the fire and wind stones. In both versions, Shin and Judy also return to fight back the empire. Shin is more skeptical of Akira and Jin but ultimately comes to respect them in the end. Both versions also rescue a demon named Amanojaku, and recurs throughout the game, though his role is minor.

In Akira's route him and Amy first go to Ice Land and fight back the empire as they go to the temple, learning its location from Rangda. At the temple they run into Jormungandr, one of the 4 demons that fought with the Messiah, who now guard the stone. After a fight convinces him of their heart he allows them to take the stone, and they learn that the empire is building some sort of device and kidnapping demons. Next in Earth Land they save Skuld, Urd, and then Verdandi who allow him to take the each stone.

In Jin's route him and Lena go to Fire Land again fighting back the dempite to help local demons. When getting to the emple they are tested by Kyuuki before giving them the stone. Then heading to the wind region they run into Shutendouji guarding the shrine. He warns that the guardian, Hecatoncheires, has lost faith in humanity since then. However, when confronted by Jin, he convinces him to think of the world that the Messiah sought to save.

Akira and Jin meet up and with all 4 stones now go to confront the Imperium. It is revealed to be now led by Scathach (Akira's route)/Pazuzu (Jin's route.) They reveal they had built a device that can steal the life force from demons and accumulate that power in order to unseal the Messiah Riser without the stones. The Devil Children and their partners jump into the riser itself in order to break this connection, however it is already too late as the sealed demon breaks free with them, revealed to be Belzebul (Jin's route, unrelated to "Zebul" or Zett)/ Gaap (Akira's route.) They then consume the ones that summoned them, revealing they were the ones that resurrected the Imperium in order to free themselves. After finally the sealed demon is finally destroyed, the devil children take the riser and give it to Shin and Judy to guard, returning the stones to their shrines.

In the post-game any battle can be replayed, with the ability to recruit some of the bosses as companions now.


A real time strategy game, each demon has only two attacks, a physical based strike, or a magical based skill. Akira and Jin ride their demon partners Rand and Gale on the field and must summon other demons. Then the player must move them and command them to attack in order to fight enemies. The game lacks the ability to converse with enemy demons, instead a demons soul can be acquired after defeating them, which recruits the demon onto their team. A demon must be placed on the soul in order to acquire it, with demons of the same element being the most compatible while the element they are strong/weak to having the lowest chance of succeeding. Souls disappear over time.

The number of demons Akira or Jin can summon is based on the points they have and the demon's call cost. The demons call cost is subtracted from Akira and Jin's total pool, the cost of which is normally 15 points. There are special floating orbs on the field which gives Jin and Akira an extra 15 points so they can summon more demons, including ones that are higher leveled than them. The points revert to normal after the battle. Jin and Akira are the only characters who level up during the game, and like previous games their demons will evolve at certain points of the story. The fusion system returns.

Ten of a single demon can be traded for a more powerful demon at certain towns.


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