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Devil Children Fire Book and Devil Children Ice Book are two versions of the same game within the Devil Children series. Released for the Game Boy Advance, each feature their own story line and cast albeit some overlap, including the main character of the opposing version  (Jin for Fire Book and Akira for Ice Book), both of the aforementioned demon partners (Rand for Jin, Gale for Akira), Amy and Lena.


The game begins in 20XX when there's sudden earthquakes and with towers leading to Makai (The Expanse) and Tenkai (Heaven) appearing on earth as demons and angels fighting each other and beginning armageddon. Jin and Akira both try to the reason behind this, with their demon partners returning to give them their aid. Amy appears and tells them that Valhalla has been destroyed. She and Lena are then kidnapped, taken by Isaac and Mephistopheles to the angels Enoch and demon Zebul, respectfully, and eventually their true masters. The two boys go on a journey through the demon and angel worlds to save them and stop the ones leading the forces of Fire/Light and Ice/Darkness.

In Fire Book Jin's mom and Lena are both taken by the angels to the tower to heaven, and so Jin goes after while in Ice Book Akira runs into Amy, who says the fighting has spilled over into Valhalla as well, so he heads to the Expanse. It is shown that Paku and Harmil are now serving Michael and Lucifer. However, on the way Jin runs into Mephisto while Akira runs into Isaac who then reset their level and Rand and Gale's forms. But now Lena is taken from the other kidnapped children and is brainwashed for unknown reasons while Amy is brainwashed by the demons.

Paku comes to the aid of Jin while Harmil comes to the aid of Akira as they run into Mephisto and Isaac again. But in the middle of the fight Paku and Harmil realize something is wrong and dispel a spell cast on the two, making them see each other as enemies. They both explain that as they've fought demons and angels, after being defeated they suddenly change into demons they'd never seen before. They decide to meet with Michael and Lucifer to find out why the demons and angels are fighting. But when they get to the respective palaces, the two are being attacked in what appears to be a coup. They explain that in each realm there is one other ruler, Enoch in Heaven, and Zebul in the Abyss, with neither Michael nor Lucifer actually involved. And so Jin goes to confront Enoch while Akira confronts Zebul. The two meetup in future Shinjuku where it has been destroyed by Armageddon and exchange information they know so far.

Confronting Enoch it is learned that Lena has been turned into an Angel Child by Uriel, but upon being defeated, Enoch is revealed to be a fake. He tells Jin to go see the Ice Apostle. Meanwhile a similar story plays out for Akira as Amy was taken for being a Devil Child, the fake Zebul telling him to go see the Flame Apostle. The two head to Niflheim and Muspellheim where they see how the war is effecting even the citizens of these two worlds. The apostles reveal they intentionally started Armageddon in order to perpetuate an eternal war at the command of their creator, Shugoshin.

Upon confronting Shugoshin he reveals that the lands of Niflheim and Muspellheim were created by the battle between Light and Dark in the previous games. Because of this he feels that battle is the only way to fuel creation. To this end he had the apostles pick two powers of Light and Dark, Lena and Amy, who will then become the rulers of the next world created by this battle, while the battle continues anew. Unable to convince Shugoshin against this, they must confront him to stop Armageddon. After being defeated he takes on the form of either Zozma (Fire Book) or Secundus (Ice Book). After being defeated, the Apostles learn of how their realms were effected and decide to make efforts towards peace. The main characters face the screen and say goodbye.

In the post game Jin can head to Enoch's tower and Akira can head to the abyss where the final post game bosses are Michael and Lucifer respectively.


The Battlenet has changes slightly as now there are two modes. One after each battle you choose between two options with there being 8 options for the final battle. If all 8 are defeated, then a new battle against Hoshigami can be fought. There is also a tournament mode with 100 battles in a row, the final battle against Cozy Okada.

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