Devil Children Black Book & Red Book are the first two games in the Devil Children series. Black Book and Red Book were released for the Game Boy Color on November 17, 2000. The games were developed alongside the Shin Megami Tensei: DeviChil anime, though they were released around a month after the anime debuted. Two years later, a remake for the PlayStation platform was released.


The story takes place in July 2000. Mysterious climate changes have been ocurring throughout the world and a mysterious black mist is spreading. Despite being summer, there is snow falling in the game's initial setting, Harajuku. Setsuna Kai and Nagahisa Kai are two young brothers whose mother has already passed away and who don't know their father. Setsuna has been having dreams of a mysterious man telling him to gather something.

One the morning of July 9th, a mysterious package was delivered to their house and shortly afterwards, a group of Petit Frosts appeared to kidnap Nagahisa. As Nagahisa is taken away by the demons, Setsuna opens the box and uses the magical gun known as a Devil Riser to summon Cool, a Cerberus, to defend himself. After defeating the demons, Setsuna runs outside looking for Nagahisa and meets Zett Takajō. Zett tells Setsuna that Nagahisa was taken to the Expanse. It turns out that one of the other items inside the box delivered to Setsuna is called a Messiah Horn, which allows people to travel to the Expanse. With Zett's help, Setsuna decides to head to the Expanse and look for Nagahisa.

One day later, Mirai Kaname, Setsuna's neighbor who is also an orphan, runs into a boy named Yūki in the school corridor. Yūki appears to recognize Mirai and leaves a small box with her before running away. A boy named Souta appears looking for Yūki and tries to take the box away from Mirai after he saw she had it. During their struggle, Souta recognizes a jewel Mirai had with her as a "Messiah Eye" and steals it. Mirai runs after Souta since the jewel was a memento from her mother and finds Yūki on the rooftop. Souta appears and reveals himself as a Ratatoskr before trying to attack Mirai with magic, though Yūki jumps in the way and seemingly dies. In order to protect herself, Mirai uses the Devil Riser inside the bag to summon Veil, a Gryphon. After defeating Souta, Mirai runs into Zett, who tells her that her father is somewhere in the Expanse. Mirai decides to head there and look for her father.


Version DifferencesEdit

In areas where there are random encounters, the protagonist can ride their demon partner which grants them a faster walking speed at the cost of increasing the enemy encounter rate. While riding, Cool can jump ledges, walk on lava, and cross certain obstacles or walls by digging tunnels underground. Veil, on the other hand, can fly which allows her to cross cliffs and water as well as ignore special types of terrain such as slippery ice, though she can't fly over lava and will still fall through holes in the ground. Because of that, certain parts of the game may be easier or harder to progress depending on the version being played. Furthermore, certain areas and even treasure chests may even be inaccessible because of that. In some locations, there are blue and pink doors close to each other. Only Setsuna can open the blue doors, and only Mirai can open the pink ones.

Some demons can only be found in one version but can still be acquired in the other one via trading. Also, while Mute-race demons can only be created through Fusion accidents in Black Book, they appear as normal enemies in Red Book. In regards to demon fusion, Black Book uses a system similar to other games in the Megami Tensei franchise while Red Book's focuses on strengthening demons by using other demons in a way similar to Element and Mitama fusion.

PlayStation versionEdit

The PlayStation remake features the following:

  • The two games are present in the same disc, with the player choosing between Black Book or Red Book before moving to the title screen.
  • It's possible to connect two save files in the same PlayStation in order to perform battles, fusions, or trading demons. Those features are equivalent to connecting two Game Boy Colors via link cable in the original.
  • Three different save slots, while the original only had one.
  • Updated graphics and sprites faithful to the Game Boy Color version.
  • In the Game Boy Color version, the protagonist would always walk slowly. In order to move faster, they could run in regular areas and ride their demon partners in areas with random encounters. In the PlayStation remake the protagonist will always walk at running speed in areas without enemies and the slower speed from the original is only seen in places where it's possible to encounter wild demons.
  • Voice acting for some scenes with the same voice actors from the DeviChil anime.
    • There is, however, no option to adjust the volume of the background music and the voiced lines separately, meaning that the voice acting may be hard to hear sometimes.
  • A new opening cutscene, based on the anime.
  • The game's script, which was formerly composed entirely of hiragana and katakana, has now kanji characters.
    • Despite that, kanji is still not avaiable when naming the protagonist.
  • The Petit Frosts sent to kidnap Nagahisa were changed into Jack Frosts.
  • Twenty new demons were added:
Black/Red Book
Bakemogura Kami wo Kure A Bao A Qu Nautilus
Bunbuku Chagama Moai Keukegen Rokurokubi
Kiyohime Jersey Devil Cyborg Deka Zenki Goki
Abe no Seimei Paramecium King Excalibur Taikoubou
Black Book only Red Book only
Kaguya Hime Zeus Brownie Amaterasu


Devil Children Black Book cover art for the Gameboy Color version
Devil Children Red Book cover art for the Gameboy Color version
Devil Children Black Book Red Book Gameboy Start Screen
Start Screens for the Gameboy Color versions

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