The Devil Children (デビルチルドレン, Debiru Chirudoren)? series is a spin-off of the Megami Tensei franchise.

The Devil Children series is the only series in the franchise whose target audience is children, and as such has a more cartoonish and light-hearted aesthetic despite retaining many of the recurring themes. For the most part, the demons appearing in Devil Children do not share their visual design with the other series in the franchise, and were instead given redesigns.

Leaning more into a "monster collecting" angle, the games are generally released in pairs and contain version exclusives in order to encourage trading. Story-wise, each game in a pair has its own protagonist. Both protagonists exist in the story at the same time, and each game will tell the same story as its release counterpart, but from the perspective of its own protagonist.

The first entries of the franchise were the Devil Children Black Book and Red Book games and the DeviChil anime adaptation, which were produced concurrently. As of date, the only games released outside of Japan are DemiKids Light Version and Dark Version for the Game Boy Advance.




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  • Arcade Machine


Devil Children Arcade Cabinet
Arcade Machine


  • The given names of all three protagonists of Black Book, Red Book and White Book are expressions of "future" in different extent:
    • Setsuna (刹那) - immediate future.
    • Mirai (未来) - distant future.
    • Masaki (将来) - foreseeable future.

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