A Devil Child (デビルチルドレン, Debiru Chirudoren)?, called DemiKids in the English localization, are half-human half-demons in the Devil Children series. Their counterparts are the Angel Children.



Devil Children hold the power of humans and demons. In Black Book & Red Book, Hel says that Devil Children are said to be powerful enough to possibly annihilate the Expanse. A Devil Child may be born from the union between a demon and a human such as Setsuna Kai and Mirai Kaname, or simply receive the power of demons such as Masaki Kuzuha.

Despite being able to summon and command many different types of demons, each Devil Child has one special partner which is always by their side and capable of evolving. In the anime, it is explained that Devil Children possess what is called a DeviGene (デビゲノム, Debigenomu)? which allows them to travel to the Expanse. Each Devil Child possess a DeviGene of a certain species of demon, which determines their partner.

Known Devil ChildrenEdit

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