P5R MementosDeviation

A pitch-black deviation with a strong Shadow.

Deviations (ハプニング, Hapeningu)? are special areas in Mementos in Persona 5 Royal.


When the Phantom Thieves enter a different area, there's a rare chance it'll be a Deviation. When entering these areas, different circumstances will appear. For example, the area can be pitch-black, making the minimap inaccessible, or the area will only be roamed by strong Shadows. Some changes can be beneficial instead, such as having more Treasure Demons or Treasure chests appear.

There are several types of changes, with each having a chance to occur upon visiting a Deviation. Some are favorable, and some are the opposite. Up to 2 types of changes can occur simultaneously; both factors cannot be advantageous to the group.

The possible factors are as follows:

  • The floor is pitch-black, and the minimap is inaccessible;
  • Only strong Shadows (red glow) can spawn;
  • A large amount of Shadows can appear;
  • The Reaper appears at the beginning;
  • There is a pitfall;
  • Disaster Shadows appear in large quantities;
  • A large number of search objects are dropped;
  • Many flowers are available;
  • Many treasure chests are available;
  • Simplified map layout.

The area's status as a Deviation can be reset by leaving it.

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