Devi (ディーヴィ) is a Persona in the series.


The feminine Sanskrit word for the divine, but is also a Goddess in Hinduism. As the female counterpart to Deva she keeps him from being impotent and void. She is the core form of all Hindu Goddesses and a manifestation of the supreme lord. Devi is the supreme being in Shaktism and in Smartha she is one of the five major forms of God. In other Hindu sects and traditions she embodies the energy and power of male deities such as Shiva or Vishnu.

Some of her manifestations are Durga, Kali, Lakshmi, Parvati, and Sarasvati. These five are part of the female Trinity.



Persona -trinity soul-Edit

Devi is the Persona of Ayane Komatsubara's clone form after Mareya Kujou allows her to consume all of Marebito's Persona and the Persona they have gathered within them. Devi is notable for its ability to bring out the Persona it has consumed while in combat. Using Devi, Ayane's clone attempts to fight her way to merge with the whale. Both user and Persona are destroyed by Cain in the final battle.


Devi City
Devi moves over Ayanagi City
Devi Consuming
Devi attempts to consume Diana
Devi Whale
Devi hovering over the whale
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