Deva Yuga

Deva Yuga

The Deva Yuga (デヴァ・ユガ?) is a location in Megami Ibunroku Persona.



The Deva Yuga is Takahisa Kandori's castle created by the power of the Chaos Mirror, which was created by uniting the halves of the compact owned by Aki and Mai.

The protagonists witness its creation while confronting Kandori at Mana Castle and watch as part of the city in the real world is destroyed and the castle is erected. They are transported to the castle via the dimensional passage located in the Haunted Mansion and proceed through it, eventually reaching Kandori's room and defeating him.

The Deva Yuga also houses the core of the DEVA System (before it gets stolen by Pandora) as well as the real Maki Sonomura, who is in a coma with the DEVA System acting as life support in the same room as the Chaos Mirror.


  • 2F - Muscle Drink (x4), Chewing Soul (x2), Repulse Bell
  • 3F - St Incense, Black Tablet
  • 4F - Metal Card, HP Incense, Tanzanite
  • 5F - Amethyst, Opal


  • Light Grey boxes denote bosses.
Demon Order Level HP Weak (Vulnerable) Resist Void Absorb Reflect Item
Alastor Fallen41410Physical-Magic--Metal Card
Zombie Painter Grave41410Element, Force-Guns--Adamantium Claw
Doppelgänger Foul41429Element, Force--Physical-Malachite
Incubus Night42294Physical--Element, Force-Longinus
Rakshasa Jaki42420Force---WindMoonstone
Cupid Yoma43301PhysicalElement, Force---Houtoufu
Scylla Wilder43354Whip, Gun-Tech, Rush--Topaz
Salome Femme43430Element---ElectricMazanma Stone
Kiyohime Drake43645Ice, Wind, Earth--Fire-Answeller
Virtue Divine44440Physical-Element, Force--Bagh Nakh
Purski Brute44440Axe, Death, CurseElement, Force---Oniguruma
Mizuchi Snake44616-- (Fire)--Ice, Expel-Aquamarine
Kwancha Jirae45450Wind, Blast--100% Earth-Agidyne Stone
M.I.B Meta56492-----Metal Card
Takahisa Kandori Meta665200Ice, Earth, Elec, Miracle, GunsFire, Blast, Nuclear, Gravity, Sword, Two-Hand, ArrowWind, Earth, Thrown, TechCurseNerve-
God Kandori Meta766500Fire, Gravity, Blast, Nuclear, Curse, Whips, Arrow, GunsIce, Wind, Earth, Elec, Rush, Axe-MiracleNerveFaceless Mask


  • In the manga, Deva Yuga is written as Era of Splendor (光輝の世紀?).