Deserted Ship

The Deserted Ship

The Deserted Ship (巨船の残骸, Kyosen no zangai)? is a dungeon in Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner. The Deserted Ship appears to be a seafaring vessel, possibly a cruise ship, that has somehow been stranded and breached in the desert wasteland of the Junkyard. In the Japanese version, the ship is given the English title of "Steel Coffin."


After confronting Bat atop Coordinate 136, the Embryon decide to set a trap for their foe. They scout out the ship as an optimal site for the trap; upon arriving, Gale remarks to Serph that he should not know what a ship is, and yet, he does. Upon entering the ship, Serph, Gale and Cielo set bombs at strategic locations throughout the ship.

Meanwhile, Heat guards Sera at the Embryon's new interim base (Embryon Base 2), while Argilla poses as Sera in order to bait Bat into a position where the bombs can finally destroy him and his allies. Once the first bombs have been set, the three Embryon members are ambushed by Bat's allies, the Brutes. At the same time, Bat arrives in his Camazotz form; once Argilla's disguise is revealed, he reveals that he devoured Jinana, and prepares to do the same to her. After fighting their way through the Brutes and setting the remaining bombs on various floors of the ship, the three Embryons barely manage to save Argilla from Bat. They defeat their foe and flee, leaving him, and the entire Deserted Ship, to be destroyed as the bombs explode.

The Deserted Ship is the only dungeon in the game that cannot be revisited once finished; additionally, the party cannot leave the dungeon after entering it. A member of the Embryon standing outside does, helpfully, remind the party to visit a shop before entering the ship.


Demon LV HP MP Weak Strong Null Drain Repel
Cai-Zhi 32 248 288 Earth, Mute - Poison - -
Chatterskull 33 248 252 Fi, Ex, Ailm Force Ic, Earth, Death - -
Gurr 35 280 204 Gun, Elec, Ex - Earth - Death
Hresvelgr 40 550 384 Gun, Elec - Earth - -
Isora 32 248 264 Elec, Force Earth Ice - -
Naga 32 248 240 Fire - - - Elec
Phantom 30 236 224 Force, Exper - Phy, Gun, Death - -
Taown 33 252 232 Earth - - Force -
Bosses / Compulsory Battles
Demon HP MP Weak Strong Null Drain Repel
2x Mothman 260 292 Earth - - - Elec
3x Sui-Ki 500 300 Fire Ailments Ice, Death - -
Camazotz (Final Encounter) 1332 3000 - Earth, Ailments, Death, Expel - - -


  • Medical Kit x 3
  • Hero Ration x 3
  • Attack Mirror x 2
  • Quantum Cell
  • Medical Kit x 3
  • Theory Cell
  • Organic Cell
  • Chakra Drop x 3
  • Revival Gem
  • Magic Noise
  • Hero Ration x 2
  • Neutron Shot
  • Organic Cell

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