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'''Derii''' (デリー, ''Derii'') is a demon in the series.
'''Derii''' (デリー, ''Derii'') is a demon in the series.
A combination of "Devil" '''デ'''ブル and "Fairy" フェア'''リー'''.
*''[[Devil Children Fire/Ice Book]]''
*''[[Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children Fire Book]]''
*''[[Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children Ice Book]]''
===''Devil Children Fire/Ice''===
Derii can be found in the Lotus Marsh in ''Ice Book'' and Acheron River in ''Fire Book''. He has the power Dim 1, which levels up over time as it fights in battle.
===''Devil Children Fire/Ice Book''===
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Derry.GIF|Derri (Devil Children: Book of Fire/Ice) Sprite
[[Category:Devil Children Fire Book Demons]]
[[Category:Devil Children Ice Book Demons]]
|Skill1=Hato no Shizuku
|Skill3=Gin no Kiri
|Skill6=Marin Karin
[[Category:Original creations]]
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