Denpaichi Iida is the brother of Shizu Iida and works as a rickshaw runner.


Biography Edit

Denpachi is a rickshaw runner that lives in Fukagawa-Cho and works for Restaurant Ryugu in Ginza-Cho. His job is to take customers to and from Restaurant Ryugu from neighbouring areas. Business has been slow for poor Denpachi ever since cars became so popular in the city, and for this very reason he began to hate automobiles.

When his sister, Shizu, started to see a taxi driver, Denpachi was furious and forbid her to see him, but rather than give up her love Shizu and the taxi driver ran away together. Denpachi's hate for automobiles and their drivers grew, and gave birth to a Hiruko that was eventually able to take the form of a Red Cape.

At night Denpachi would become the Red Cape and attack cars along the roads of Ginza-Cho near where he worked. This eventually led to him attacking the taxi driven by his sister's husband, and badly wounding him. With the help of Shizu, Raidou was able to discover the truth, and by defeating the Red Cape, free Denpachi from his curse.

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