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The Demonic Compendium (悪魔全書, Akuma Zensho)? is an archive of every demon (or Persona in the Persona series, where it is known as the Persona Compendium (ペルソナ全書, Perusona Zensho)? fused, evolved, and recruited throughout the game. The Compendium is located in the facility which player usually fuses demons if the function is not mobile (e.g. Cathedral of Shadows, Gouma-Den or Velvet Room). The Demonic Compendium was first introduced in Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne and has since become a fundamental feature of other installments afterward, including the remakes of older titles.


  • Records recruited or fused demons: Demon data is registered automatically when a new demon is recruited or fused.
  • Summoning registered demons: Pay money to instantly summon a demon from registered data without recruitment or retraining. The cost of summoning scales with registered level, stats, elemental affinities and skills. Compendium Tickets in Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse waive cost once per ticket, and DLC Personas in Persona 5 allow the protagonist to summon them once without paying for their price.
  • If the demon's level, skills or stats have been modified after registration or if the protagonist has obtained a demon with different attributes than the original, the protagonist may overwrite the older demon data with the data from the newer ones. The games also allow protagonist to quick-register all demons with modified data. After the first summoning, once must manually choose to register demons again.
  • Reviewing demon data: read demon's in-game parameters or a brief mythological background.

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