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DemiKids Light Version is part of a duology with DemiKids Dark Version, developed by Multimedia Intelligence Transfer. The two games together make up a second generation of Devil Children games. Unlike many other multi-version games, there are a large number of changes between Dark Version and Light Version. The DemiKids games were also the first to receive a Shin Megami Tensei banner in North America.

Story & Version Differences[]

The year is 200X. Jin, Akira, and Lena are three childhood friends who like to investigate strange and mystifying things. Jin is at the arcade playing Battlenet when Lena mentions she found something at school that would interest him and Akira. At the school they end up running into a new transfer student, Amy, and Lena says she found a book to summon demons in the library, exciting Jin. Much to Amy's chagrin, they decide to go to the library and recite an incantation from the Demon Compendium (Akuma Compendium in Japanese) to summon a demon, and succeed. However, the demon is hostile, and Amy is forced to hand Jin and Akira a Demiloc (Devil Risers in Japanese) to fight back. Jin manages to summon Rand, a Sol Cat (Sol Leo in Japanese) who becomes his demon partner for the rest of the game, as well as awakening Jin's latent Demikid powers (Devil Children powers in Japanese). Amy then tells Jin and Akira that they are the Devil Children and they agree to help Amy save her home world.

However, on the way they find a time distortion and, heading in, end up a few minutes in the past. Fearing this means that the future is in jeopardy, Jin, Lena, and Amy then pass through a "Door of Time" to Amy's home land of Valhalla, while Akira ends up traveling through another portal into Dem, a land that is fully inhabited by demons. On the way they run into Shin, another citizen of Valhalla who is trying to find out more about the rifts. He explains that Valhalla is currently ruled by the tyrannical Imperium. On the way to the rebel hideout, Jin also saves Judy, another Valhalla rebel, from Kyme.

Lena found out that time chains can get rid of the distortions, and there are some located in Dem where Shin headed, and some others in Valhalla. On the way to investigate, Jin meets the leader of the rebels, Drail, and then learns from Lena that Akira had already found the time chains in Dem. Jin gets the keys to Limbo, but while going there to explore ends up captured. Luckily, she still has the keys and is able to instantly escape. Amy tells Jin that he should go and meet with Lucifer to try and get more help from him.

However, when Jin gets there he finds that Lucifer had already been killed by Shin, with Forlo taking over. Jin goes to speak with the Norns and they say they still may be able to help, directing Jin to future Dem to find a piece of Lucifer. Going back to the Time Tower, Jin heads into the future and manages to find a crystal containing a part of Lucifer's soul, sitting at his grave. Jin goes back to the Norns who send him to the moment before Lucifer was killed. After defeating Shin, it is revealed that Forlo had actually been manipulating things to try to overthrow Lucifer. After disposing of Forlo, Lucifer tells Jin that there is a letter for him to find and Lucifer will help him.

However, in order to do this, Jin must travel to the Time Tower, and to the Dem of the past. But on the way in Ice Land, he runs into Shin, convincing him that Drail traitor as they confront him. Drail had manipulated Shin to kill Lucifer to gain favor with the Imperium. And after defeating him, Shin goes to rejoin the rebels, however Amy has been executed. Jin continues anyway and heads to the past Dem.

There, he goes to a temple and overhears a conversation between Lucifer and Lord Light. Him and Darklord has mastered the powers of Light and Dark. With them, they could manipulate time and went back in time in order to found Valhalla, a haven for demons and humans to live in peace. However, they knew that messing with time would result in problems in the future that they would not be around to rectify. So instead they left behind letters and the powers of Light and Dark for two demikids in the future to obtain. Jin obtains the power of light and the letter, securing Lucifer's aid. However, before he can leave Bifrons attacks, attempting to stop the demikids from obtaining the powers.

Lucifer tells Jin to head to the place where Light and Dark met, Elysium. And when he gets there, he reunites with Akira. However, he learns that Lena also was executed. And with their new powers, they head to Tyrnanog confront the Imperium heads. Jin uses his light powers to counter Empio's Dark while Akira uses dark against Empra's light. However, even after defeating them, they are revealed to be being controled by two more beings, with Empio being controlled by Quazir and Empra being controlled by Seipher. They were born from the powers of dark and light respectively and are beings that consume time. They had been manipulating the Imperium in order to ensure being able to feast on it. And so Jin takes on Quazir. After defeating the beings, Jin and Akira are greeted by the spirits of Lord Light and Darklord who offer them 3 options as reward. If "rest" is chosen, the game returns to the title screen. If a new life is chosen, new game + begins. If more adventure is chosen, the game continues into the post game, and as an extra reward, they bring Lena and Amy from the timestream, saving them.

In the post game Jin can enter a new door in the Time Tower, facing off against Shiva at the top. In the battlenet it is stated that Jin is the reincarnation of Lord Light.

Jin's story line revolves mostly around the Law based path found in other Shin Megami Tensei games. He starts in the the Time Tower and then goes to the Forest of Sorrow, the reverse of Akira's arrival in Dem.

Of the 362 demons obtainable in both games, Light Version only has a 181 that can be captured/negotiated with via normal gameplay. Of that total, 45 of them are unique to Dark and require trading between Dark Version to obtain them all. Yet the remaining 45 of them can be obtained in both versions as special fusions. There are also super unique ones to Light Version that pertain to the Sol Leo's infusion which totals 9 unique forms bringing the total to 370 per game.


  • Jin: The Light Version protagonist. He is an energetic slacker who discovers he is a Devil Child.
  • Rand: The demonic guide belonging to Jin.
  • Gale: The demonic guide belonging to Akira.
  • Akira: The Dark Version protagonist. He is a studious boy who discovers he is a Devil Child.
  • Shin: A Devil Child from the land of Valhalla.
  • Lena: Jin and Akira's friend who enjoys mysterious things. Has a habit of lecturing people.
  • Amy: A mysterious girl from Valhalla who gives Jin and Akira Demilocs.
  • Lucifer: The lord of darkness himself. His role in the story varies between Light and Dark versions.


DemiKids Light Version features the same style of gameplay as featured in earlier Devil Children games. The game world is navigated in a 3rd person perspective, however battle is handled in first person, similar to the earlier Shin Megami Tensei. Unlike most Megami Tensei games, the moon phase mechanic is not used. The game's fusion mechanics are more complex than Dark Version, however.

Some demons are only available in the DemiKids: Dark Version. Players can use a link cable to fuse or trade demons, and battle against each other. In comparison to the Dark Version, the Light Version features less challenging gameplay and rather simplified mechanics. There are more items and macca present in Light Version than in Dark Version, making it more of an "Easy Mode" game.


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