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DemiKids Dark Version is part of a duology with DemiKids Light Version, developed by Multimedia Intelligence Transfer. The two games together make up a second generation of Devil Children games. Unlike many other multi-version games, there are a large number of changes between Dark Version and Light Version. The DemiKids games were also the first to receive a Shin Megami Tensei banner in North America.

Story & Version Differences[]

The year is 200X. Three friends, Akira, Jin, and Lena form a school club that investigates mysterious things. One day a strange new student named Amy transfers into their school. Following that, Lena discusses how she found a book to summon demons, especially exciting Jin. Despite protests from Amy, the group goes to the library and chants a summoning incantation from the book and, to their surprise, summon a hostile demon. Amy sees no choice but to hand Akira and Jin her Demilocs (Devil Risers in Japanese). Akira manages to summon Gale, a Rox (Hylon in Japanese) who decides to become Akria's demon partner for the rest of the game, as well as awakening Akira's latent Demikid powers (Devil Children powers in Japanese). Amy then tells Akira and Jin that they are the Devil Children that will decide the fate of her world.

However, suddenly a mysterious rift appears, which Amy says is a time distortion. They decide to jump in and see what happens and they end up a few minutes into the past. Amy says that those appeared in her world too, and that if they grow too much, there won't be a future. She attempts to lead everyone to her world but Akira lags behind when trying to catch up to the others and they disappear. Soon he meets Lucifer's servant, Forlo, and passes through their "Door of Time" arriving in Dem (Makai in Japanese), while the others had gone through another into Amy's home land, Valhalla.

Akira ends up in DemWind (Wind Land) as he heads to meet with Lucifer. He meets Tupon who gives Akira a special fan that can blow away a time rift, but only once. He uses this to get past a rift and through the gate into the center of Dem (Center Land.) Akira meets Lucifer who says that he should speak with the Norns about the time rifts. However, even they can only contribute limited help, giving him some time chains to destroy some rifts, and they direct him to head to head to Valhalla through Iceland.

While in Ice Land he meets King Icy, who is being threatened by Harborim from the Imperium. He's looking for some rebels from Valhalla who turn out to be Lena, Jin and Amy. So Akira heads back to the Time Tower and into Valhalla. While there he learns that the 3 were captured and are being help in Limbo. After saving them they take him back to the rebel hideout. Amy explains that Valhalla used to be a peaceful land made by two kind leaders. But when those leaders disappeared, it was the Imperium that took over and has been a harsh dictatorship over the land. They decide to again split up with Akira heading to investigate how Rem is doing.

However, going through the Time Tower he learns goes to future Rem, learning that it's a desolate wasteland ruled by Agni. However when Agni is defeated, he says that he actually wanted to test if Akira would be strong enough to save the future, and asks Akira to do so and save the humans and demons that live there. However, when he goes back to present Rem, he's attacked by Kanos. But even after being defeated Kanos reveals that Lena has been executed. Despite this news, Akira moves on and with the help of Kiba, plants a tree that revitalizes future Rem.

When Akira gets back to Lucifer, Lucifer explains more about Valhalla, and that there's a letter he must get. Valhalla was originally created by two powerful beings known as Darklord and Lord Light. Using the power of Light and Dark they could manipulate time, and did so in order to create Valhalla in the past. However, when Akira goes to past Dem to retrieve the letter he learns a bit more. Darklord and Lord Light knew that their manipulating of time would have consequences, however they would not be able to be around to when it actually happens. And so they left 2 letters for 2 demikids in the future in order to help them handle the consequences, with Darklord's letter going to Akira. He gets a Time Key, which can get rid of the time rifts, and is told to return to the present to give a letter to Lucifer, and is given the power of Dark.

Lucifer confirms that the letters and powers were left for Akira and Jin and that Lucifer was told to assist the children that come to him with the letters. He then tells Akira to head to Elysium in Valhalla to meet up with Jin. Together they head to Tyrnanog in order to confront the Imperium. They storm into the palace and take on the two rulers of the Imperium, Akira using his dark powers against Empra's light, and Jin using light against Empio's dark. But then Empia is absorbed by another being known as Seipher. It is a being that feeds on time born from the power of light that created Valhalla. It, along with its time counterpart Quazir, had been manipulating the Imperium in order to feed on time.

After its defeat, Darklord and Lord Light appear to Akira and Jin, asking what they would like. If to be reborn is chosen, then New Game+ begins. If rest is chosen, it goes to the title screen. But if more adventure is chosen, post-game begins and as a gift, Darklord and Lord Light bring back Lena and Amy, who had also been executed. Akira can also now travel to the Abyss and face Zebul in a post-game fight. In the Battlenet it is stated that Darklord and Lord Light reincarnated into Akira and Jin respectively.

Of the 362 demons you can obtain in both games, Dark Version only has 181 that can be captured / negotiated with via normal game play, of that total 45 of them are unique to Light and require trading between Light Version to obtain them all. Yet the remaining 45 of them can be obtained in both versions as special fusions. There are also super unique ones to Dark Version that pertain to the Hylon's infusion which totals 9 unique forms bringing the total to 370 per game.


  • Akira: The Dark Version protagonist. He is a studious boy who discovers he is a Devil Child.
  • Gale: The demonic guide belonging to Akira.
  • Rand: The demonic guide belonging to Jin.
  • Jin: The Light Version protagonist. He is an energetic slacker who discovers he is a Devil Child.
  • Shin: A Devil Child from the land of Valhalla.
  • Lena: Jin and Akira's friend who enjoys mysterious things. Has a habit of lecturing people.
  • Amy: A mysterious girl from Valhalla who gives Jin and Akira Demilocs.
  • Lucifer: The lord of darkness himself. His role in the story varies between Light and Dark versions.


DemiKids: Dark Version features the same style of gameplay as earlier Devil Children games. The game world is navigated in a 3rd person perspective; however battle is handled in first person, similar to the earlier Shin Megami Tensei. Unlike most Megami Tensei games, the moon phase mechanic is not used. The game's fusion mechanics are also simplified to make the game more accessible to a younger audience. For example, the resulting demon is always the same type demon as its predecessor, and level alters the resulting demon, instead of combinations between demon types.

Some demons are only available in the DemiKids: Light Version. Players can use a link cable to fuse or trade demons, and battle against each other. In comparison to the Light Version, the Dark Version features more challenging gameplay and far more complex mechanics. There are less items and macca present in Dark Version than in Light Version, making it more of a Hard Mode game.

For a list of demons, see List of DemiKids Light/Dark Version Demons


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