Deep Hole (ディープホール) is a world and optional dungeon in the Devil Children series.



Devil Children Black/Red BookEdit

The seventh realm of the Expanse, created as a prison for demons and angels who commit the worst crimes. Zebul and his brothers Berith and Phegor were imprisoned her for attempting Ragnarok before the promised time, but eventually became the Tyrants who ruled over it and ensure the prisoners stayed there. After beating Black/Red Book in the Ragnarok ending, Setsuna Kai and Mirai Kaname are transported here from the Light Palace's Gate. Zebul speaks to them and welcomes the two. It is littered with transporters that send the two back to the beginning of the area and barbed spots where a encounter will be fought 100% of the time unless Mirai is riding Veil. A prison can be found near a pond that restores life and a Fusion Lab.

Berith is the first of the brothers fought, followed by Phegor, and finally Zebul. Zebul reveals after his battle his role in guiding the two devil children as Takajo Zett to ensure Ragnarok began.

Devil Children White BookEdit

During his first attempt to enter Tenkai, Masaki Kuzuha will fall into the prison found in the Deep Hole. He must find his way out. Part of the dungeon is blocked by Berith, who won't allow him entry until after he beats the game. Later on the angels Furfur, Marchocias, and Murmur can be recruited here. The area is the same as Black/Red Book

DemiKids: Dark VersionEdit

The gateway leading to the Deep Hole is guarded by demons on Lucifer's orders in the Dark Palace. After beating the game Akira can enter the area and face Zebul, Phegor, and Berith. Starhair is a hidden demon in the area as well.

Devil Children Ice BookEdit

Akira must travel to the Deep Hole in order to stop Zebul and his brothers, who have declared war on Tenkai and seek to begin Armageddon. Two transporters send him to two mazes where he will face the siblings, with the third leading to Zebul himself. After obtaining the blood of the wicked upon the fake Zebul's defeat, Akira can go back and use it on statues found in the mazes leading to Berith and Phegor, which will free the real Berith and Phegor.

After the game is beaten, a path blocked by a barrier leading deeper into the Deep Hole will be gone, where Akira can face the strongest demons in the game. Yowie is the first demon to appear before him, Nergal the second, and Lucifer the final opponent at the very end of the realm, where he seeks to challenge Akira who has saved the world twice. All three demons join the party upon their defeat.

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