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The protagonist, Kasumi Yoshizawa, and Goro Akechi are shown to the right of two electronic darts machines. The three are holding darts, and the logos for both DARTSLIVE and Persona 5 the Royal are in the top left corner. A date is shown announcing the collaboration running from 10/23 to 12/15, 2019.

The promotional material for the DARTSLIVE collaboration, feat. the protagonist, Akechi and Yoshizawa.

Darts, also known as DARTSLIVE3 in the original Japanese version, is a minigame in Persona 5 Royal which can be played in the Penguin Sniper lounge. The minigame was developed in collaboration with DARTSLIVE (ダーツライブ, Dātsuraibu)?, a Japanese recreational business that develops darts machines and hosts them in public arcades. Their latest darts machine, DARTSLIVE3, has been fully reproduced in-game.



The protagonist playing darts.

Darts is an activity found in the Penguin Sniper lounge in Kichijoji. There, the protagonist is able to bring his party members to play darts together. By playing, the respective character's Baton Pass Rank can be increased, giving them extra benefits in battle. Playing the game costs the protagonist ¥800 per session, and can play 2 games at a time.

The darts minigame, along with access to Penguin Sniper and the entirety of Kichijoji, is unlocked in a story scene with Ryuji Sakamoto on 6/5, immediately following the confession of Ichiryusai Madarame.

Each party member has their own individual Baton Pass rank, including the protagonist, as opposed to the Technical Rank, which is shared between the entire team. The protagonist's Rank increases by playing darts with any party member, and his partner's Rank will increase in turn. The Baton Pass Rank starts at 1, and is maximized to 3, where playing any more darts with that ally will have no additional effect. To successfully upgrade a Baton Pass rank, the protagonist and his partner must work together to score enough points on the dartboard to reduce their score to zero within five rounds.

Additionally, playing will also provide one Confidant point for every teammate that came along, even those who did not participate directly, although the results cannot be affected by multipliers like having a Persona of a matching Arcana, and having scored high on exams. Playing darts will also increase the protagonist's Proficiency stat, depending on how he played.

The minigame itself is played using the PlayStation 4's motion controls, and the protagonist's partner will frequently chime in during play.

Selecting Partner and the Audience

The protagonist may select one party member to play darts with. Afterwards, 2 other allies, selected at random, will come to watch. The audience is important because those that attend will also receive Confidant points from the session. Additionally, after the game is over, the protagonist will get to play one more time with one random member in the audience. Although it can be beneficial to simultaneously Rank up 2 allies at once, the selected audience is completely random: it is possible for 1 or both allies to be already maxed out. In most cases, Morgana and Akechi cannot be audience members.

If the protagonist were to play darts with Akechi, no one but Morgana will join the audience. This also means that after their game is over, the protagonist will only be able to play another game with Morgana.

If the protagonist and his ally cannot finish the game the first time, they can spend their 2nd attempt playing together, instead of swapping.


The available difficulties are 301, 501 and 701. The number signifies the number of points that need to be reduced to reach 0, with 701 being the hardest difficulty.

The difficulties cannot be directly chosen. Instead, party members may choose between different difficulties by starting with more points. One rule of thumb is that if the ally's Baton Pass rank is 1, they will choose 301, 501 if rank 2, and any difficulty if it's rank 3. The only exceptions to this trend are Akechi, who will always choose 701, and Yoshizawa, who will always pick 301.

Throwing Style and Encouragement

Each party member has slightly different AI as a darts partner; this is communicated in the tooltip that appears when selecting who to invite to play. For example, Yusuke Kitagawa "throws elegantly" and aims for low numbers, while Akechi "throws where he pleases." This can make playing with some characters much trickier than with others. Notably, Sumire Yoshizawa plays quite poorly compared to everybody else, frequently missing her throws and earning very low scores. However, as she always picks 301, it's possible for the protagonist to cover for her during his turns and have the two still win the game.

Character Throwing Style Description
Morgana Miracle Paw Aims for high scores
Excellent accuracy
Ryuji Sakamoto A Dependable Brother Aims for bullseyes
Excellent accuracy
Ann Takamaki Captivating Form Aims for bullseyes
Excellent accuracy
Yusuke Kitagawa Elegant Fingers Throws beautifully
Excellent accuracy
Makoto Niijima The Best Answer Aims for high scores
Excellent accuracy
Futaba Sakura Brainy Knows the strats
Doesn't always pull it off
Haru Okumura All is Well High score without trying?
Decent luck
Goro Akechi Does His Job Skilled like a pro
Throws where he pleases
Sumire Yoshizawa Learn by Example Imitates your throw
Low accuracy

If the protagonist reduces the score to a low enough value (100 or less) before his partner's next turn, they will become nervous about having to finish the game themselves, and the protagonist will have the option to encourage them. Selecting the right dialogue option will ensure that his partner finishes the game successfully. Additionally, as a result of their superior teamwork, their Baton Pass rank will increase by two instead of the standard one, and the Confidant point reward with that ally will be increased.

The only exception to this is again, Akechi, who, because he always selects the highest difficulty, will never begin his turn with a low enough score to have the possibility of winning the game, forcing the protagonist to always be the one to finish it. This means Akechi will always have to be taken to play darts at least twice to reach his max Baton Pass rank, while every other party member could theoretically be maxed out in one session.

Character Prompt Correct Response
Morgana "Hmm... We have a chance to finish it here. All right... here goes!" I'm counting on you.
Ryuji Sakamoto "...Looks like I might be able to go for a finish... Man, I'm getting so nervous!" You gotta psych yourself up!
Ann Takamaki "Oh... we can finish it right here! ...I think I'm nervous." Just play like normal.
Yusuke Kitagawa "We have the opportunity to finish it here! Hrm... My hand is shaking...!?" Pretend like you're painting.
Makoto Niijima "Oh... We could finish it right here. I-I have to remember the simulations." Take a deep breath.
Futaba Sakura "This is my chance to finish it... A-Am I actually getting nervous!?" This is real.
Haru Okumura "Look at our score... We can finish! How should I throw!?" Have fun with it.
Sumire Yoshizawa "I can finish it...! But what would be the best way to throw here?" Trust your instincts.

Boosting the Proficiency Stat

Generally, for playing darts, the protagonist will gain 1 point of Proficiency. But if the protagonist completes certain challenges, he may gain an additional 1 or 2 points. Challenges, such as "Three in a Bed," "Ton-80" or "Three in the Black," will grant 2 additional points.

The maximum points that can be received at a time is 3, and rewards cannot stack over that limit.


The protagonist can acquire two upgrades to change the minigame or make it easier. The first is a personal Darts Set, purchased at the Next Ace sports store in the Shibuya Underground Mall. When purchased, and if chosen to use before play begins, the area in which the aim of the dart will deviate while throwing becomes significantly smaller. The second is gained by reading the book Learn Pro Darts, which can be purchased from the Hinokuniya Bookstore in Shinjuku after 7/5, provided the protagonist has played darts at least once after the initial unlocking event. Once read, he gains the ability to use Third Eye while playing darts, which greatly slows down the movement of the aiming reticle, allowing for more precise throws.


  • Despite being the permanent Navigator, and therefore having no Baton Pass ability or Rank to increase, Futaba Sakura may still play darts, although her Confidant can still be boosted.
  • It is not shown how Morgana is able to throw darts; however, in the transitions between rounds, he is shown to be standing on a stool, and when the protagonist would normally receive a high five from his partner, Morgana will instead jump up and raise both paws to meet his hand.
  • Akechi's AI for playing darts is also incredibly different from all others; he deliberately attempts to mimic the protagonist's throwing style and patterns and perform even better if possible. For instance, if the protagonist attempts to throw bulls-eyes, Akechi will match his aim with unerring accuracy.
  • The song that plays in the Penguin Sniper lounge, as well as during darts, is a reference to the Kichijoji soundtrack from the original Shin Megami Tensei. The song is called Kichijoji 199X.

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