Daily Life is a major system in the Persona series. Over the course of the next school year, the protagonist chooses how to manage their time in order to improve their skills, bond with their friends and train for upcoming missions.




Time is a special unit that grants the protagonist the ability to perform certain activities of their choice. By doing so, time passes. The protagonist often gets two units of free time per day. Once they're used up, the next day arrives. The protagonist often has two time slots a day, which they can spend however they like.


The protagonist is able to participate in a variety of activities of their choice. Depending on the activity, they are able to boost certain statistics in different ways, in terms of self-improvement and training for the future.

Activities might be available on specific times of the day, sometimes being scheduled by days of the week. Otherwise, activities can have different attributes and bonuses depending on time, week, weather, and even certain choices made within the activity itself.


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The protagonist's time in story is limited, which is dictated by the Calendar. Sometimes, a vital deadline might arise, making it important to make the most out of their limited time until then. There will be days when the protagonist might be occupied with something else, meaning they won't be able to make use of their day as they've hoped. However, the calendar makes each day vary greatly from one-another, allowing for different activities and attributes to be accessed during certain criteria, such as the time of day, or the day of the week.

Social StatsEdit

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Social Stats are special stats that serve major use in the protagonist's daily life. They can be increased by performing certain activities, and ranking them up will help the protagonist unlock more options and activities within their daily life, usually in the form of Social Links, and as of Persona 4, Part Time Jobs as well.

Social LinksEdit

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The protagonist is able to hang out with other people, most requiring certain criteria to be unlocked. By bonding and increasing the characters' rank, the protagonist will gain access to more powerful Personas of the person's respective Arcana. Some Social Links are automatic, ranking up on scheduled days over the course of the story.

In Persona 4, bonding with other members of the Investigation Team will grant them the ability to inherit new skills, each one being specific per rank. Additionally, Persona 4 has introduced the bonus of granting these members the ability to reawaken to their Ultimate Persona upon maxing out their Social Link. Whereas in Persona 3, second awakenings were scheduled as part of its story.

In Persona 5, Social Links are referred to as Confidants, and leveling them up will grant the protagonist more benefits outside of Personas and their skills. For example, certain Confidants grant access to a larger variety of items in their shops, and some can expand the protagonist's options of strategies in battle.

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