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Devil Buster Mikanagi from SMT Imagine

DB Mikanagi (ミカナギ, Mikanagi) is a non-player character from Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE.



DB Mikanagi is a high level Devil Buster first encountered in Nakano. Mikanagi is commonly tasked with missions of high importance. He is very self-assured, and has a tendency to look down on lesser, or unlicensed, DBs. Later on in ACT 16 he is shown to be very sadistic as he stabs Ogami in the leg with her own sword, Kotetsu II.

His demon companion is a Pazuzu.

Mikanagi's Alignment is not revealed, but he is most likely Law (as Pazuzu is a Vile of the Law Alignment), or Neutral.


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