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Devil Buster Kano

DB Kano (DBカノウ, DB Kanou)? is a non-player character from Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE.



DB Kano is a Demon Buster players first encounter in Third Home, where he idles near the armor shop. He is crude and arrogant and shows disdain to both the player character and DB Yamaguchi. However, he shows some interest in DB Mikanagi's power.

He acts as one of the main supporters for players looking to follow gun-related expertise, offering a series of quests specifically for gunners. Kano also gives tutorials on some of the newer forms of increasing a player's power in quests on the Pursuit expertise and limit break. In the later quest he will give players a consumable item to slightly increase chances of triggering limit breaks.

During the main storyline quests, siding with DB Kano in Nakano will shift a player's Alignment towards chaos, but he does not express interest in the Cult of Gaia until after meeting some of the members during the confrontation with Ogami.


Kano's opinion of DB Mikanagi

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