Official artwork from Devil Children (PS).

Cyborg Deka (サイボーグ デカ, Saibōgu Deka)? is a demon in the series.


Deka is the name assigned to a restorative biomedical research project that consisted of using cybernetic limbs as solution to the one lost by soldiers during war. Deka is also Japanese slang for police officers. Cyborg Deka's appearance could signify that it is a reference to the 1987 American film RoboCop, where a murdered police officer is rebuilt as a cybernetic law enforcer.



Devil Children Black Book & Red Book (PS)Edit

Cyborg Deka is obtained after beating Professor O in the BattleNet.


Devil Children Black Book & Red Book (PS)Edit

Cybor Deka sprite
Class Type Race Level HP MP Exp
Elite Fire Oni 23 258 101 255
Attack Guard Magic M Guard Speed Luck
24 22 18 20 20 18
List of Skills
Skill Element Cost Effect
Freya Fire 15 HP Light damage to one foe.
Stun Shot Gold 12 HP Light damage to one foe. Inflicts Shock.
Recarm Sun 18 MP Revives one ally with low HP.
Last Resort Fire 2 HP Damage equal to user's current HP to all foes. Lowers own HP to 1.
Tarukaja Sun 6 MP Increases Attack for all allies.
Hellfire Fire 25 HP Light damage to all foes.
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