Victims of the Cuvier Syndrome.

Cuvier Syndrome (キュヴィエ症候群, Kyuvie Shookoogun)? was a mystical affliction seen in Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner 2.

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Named after Margot Cuvier, the Cuvier Syndrome was a disease caused by exposure to the Black Sun. The effects were permanent, irreversible petrification. Extended exposure was instantly fatal, but apparently shorter bouts of exposure would delay the inevitable death for a while (enough for several victims to seek medical attention).

The Atma virus was the only thing that afforded protection against Cuvier Syndrome.

Though named after Margot Cuvier and used by her to assert her power over the Karma Society, the ailment was originally researched by Jenna Angel and her lover David Gale. While they researched the disease, the laboratory was attacked by terrorists, halting their development for a cure.

Their search would have been fruitless anyway, as it is eventually stated the Cuvier Syndrome is incurable.

It is revealed, in the later parts of the game, that the disease is caused by corrupt data sent from God in the sun, bombarding the planet. The data cause the petrification in humans, but does no affect those with an Atma, as the demonic forms are themselves caused by a different type of corrupt data.

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