The "cut-in" that takes place when the Protagonist of Persona 3 summons a Persona.

Cut-in (カットイン, Katto In)?, also known as close-up or Persona eyes, is an effect in the Persona series.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Profile[edit | edit source]

Cut in is a stylish animation technique used to depict character's portrait in Japanese animes and video games. It is usually presented with a sudden overlapping of the thin stripe of close-up of character's eyes over the screen to create a tense or climatic effect, used when summoning the Persona the first time or to deal Critical or elemental weakness-exploiting damage. Another type of cut-in is by arranging the characters' bust portraits stylishly all over the screen to depict the preparation of All-Out Attack (Persona 3 onwards) or Fusion Spells (Persona 2 duology remakes).

In the Japanese version, the cut-in for critical damage has the onomatopoeia, "(カッ, Ka-!)?" in P3 and P4 and "(ブチッ, Buchi-!)?" in P5, to express the sound effect of the cut-in sequence. It is replaced by a double exclamation mark (!!) in the oversea releases.

In Persona 5 Royal, all of the cut-in illustrations available can be viewed in Thieves Den. Also, the Persona 3 and Persona 4 protagonists have a slightly modified version of their cut-ins from the original games, in which the sound effect expression is styled after Persona 5. The protagonist also has a special cut-in with a unique expression in both the darts and batting cage mini-games, in which the dart hits the Triple 20 mark with the 3rd dart in Darts, and hitting a Home Run in Batting Cage.

In Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth, the cut-in style is styled after Persona 5, but the sound effect expression style is the same for all 3 respective games.

Although it was not Atlus who invented the cut-in effect, it successfully defines the style of the Persona spin-off series and derives some fair amount of fan-made tribute works or parodies of the cut-in artworks, of either media related to Megami Tensei series or not.

Cut-ins are also used in various games that have been collaborated with the Persona series. For example, in Phantasy Star Online 2, the sound effect expressions for all 3 games are used in Persona summoning emotes (Lobby Actions in the Japanese version), in which only shows the Japanese expression upon summoning, in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Joker's cut-in when summoning Arsène has a slightly modified version of his cut-in in all languages, except Japanese, where the double exclamation mark is styled after the original Japanese sound effect expression, in Granblue Fantasy, Ren's cut-in picture is styled after that said game's art design and in Kyoutou Kotaba RPG: Kotadaman, all cut-ins for the characters in all 3 games use their character animations in the cut-ins instead of their cut-in pictures.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Persona 2: Innocent Sin
Battle cut-in portraits in Persona 2: Innocent Sin
Persona 3 / FES / Portable
Persona 4
Persona 4 The Animation
Persona 4 Yu's personalized anime close up.jpg
Yu Narukami
Yosuke anime close up.jpg
Yosuke Hanamura
Chie anime close up.jpg
Chie Satonaka
488677-persona4a 42.jpg
Yukiko Amagi
Kanji anime close up.png
Kanji Tatsumi
Kanji Tatsumi (No glasses)
Persona 4 Rise 2.jpg
Teddie anime close up.png
Persona 4 teddie .jpg
Teddie (Old)
Naoto anime close up.gif
Naoto Shirogane
Tohru Adachi anime close up.jpg
Tohru Adachi
Persona 4 Arena / Ultimax
Mitsuru Close Up P4U.png
Mitsuru close up with sunglasses.jpg
Mitsuru w/Sunglasses
Akihiko close up with ski goggles.jpg
Akihiko Sanada w/Ski Goggles
Aigis Close Up P4U.png
Yukari P4U2 Cut-in.jpg
Ultimax Yukari Takeba
P4AU Junpei close up.png
Ultimax Junpei Iori
P4Au older version of Ken close up version.jpg
Ultimax Ken Amada
Yu close up without glasses.jpg
Yu Narukami
Yosuke close up.jpg
Yosuke Hanamura
Chie close up.jpg
Chie Satonaka
Yukiko close up.jpg
Yukiko Amagi
Teddie close up with mask.jpg
Masked Teddie
Kanji close up.jpg
Kanji Tatsumi
Naoto's close up.jpg
Naoto Shiorgane
Rise close up in P4AU.jpg
Ultimax Rise Kujikawa
Marie Cut-in.png
Ultimax Marie
Labrys close up.jpg
P4U Labrys close up with visor.jpg
Ultimax Labrys w/Visor (1)
P4U Labrys Visor.png
Ultimax Labrys w/Visor (2)
P4U Shadow Labrys visor.png
Ultimax Shadow Labrys w/Visor
Adachi P4U2 closeup.png
Ultimax Tohru Adachi
Sho close up in P4AU.jpg
Ultimax Sho Minazuki
Persona 4: Dancing All Night
P4D Yu close up.png
Yu Narukami
P4D Yosuke close up.png
Yosuke Hanamura
P4D Chie close up.png
Chie Satonaka
P4D Yukiko close up.png
Yukiko Amagi
P4D Kanji close up.png
Kanji Tatsumi
P4D Teddie close up.png
P4D Rise close up.png
Rise Kujikawa
P4D Naoto close up.png
Naoto Shirogane
Persona 5 / Royal
P5 Hero Cut-in.png
P5R Joker cut-in minigames.png
Protagonist (Minigames)
Morgana cut-in.png
Ryuji cut-in.png
Anne cut-in.png
Yusuke cut-in.png
P5 Futaba cut-in.png
Haru cut-in.png
P5 Goro cut-in.png
P5 Goro cut-in alternate.png
Goro Akechi (Boss fight)
Akechi Cut-In Third.png
Goro Akechi (Black Mask ally)
Sumire Cut-In.png
Caroline cut-in.png
Justine cut-in.png
Lavenza Cut-In.png
Maruki Cut-In.png
Persona 5 Strikers
Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth
Q CloseUp P3Protag.png
P3 Protagonist's Cut-in
Q CloseUp Yukari.png
Yukari's Cut-in
Q CloseUp Junpei.png
Junpei's Cut-in
Q CloseUp Akihiko.png
Akihiko's Cut-in
Q CloseUp Mitsuru.png
Mitsuru's Cut-in
Q CloseUp Fuuka.png
Fuuka's Cut-in
Q CloseUp Aigis.png
Aigis' Cut-in
Q CloseUp Koromaru.png
Koromaru's Cut-in
Q CloseUp Ken.png
Ken's Cut-in
Q CloseUp Shinjiro.png
Shinjiro's Cut-in
Q CloseUp Elizabeth.png
Elizabeth's Cut-in
Q CloseUp Elizabeth Possesed.png
Elizabeth's Cut-in (possesed by Zeus)
Q CloseUp Theodore.png
Theodore's Cut-in
Q CloseUp P4Protag.png
P4 Protagonist's Cut-in
Q CloseUp Yosuke.png
Yosuke's Cut-in
Q CloseUp Chie.png
Chie's Cut-in
Q CloseUp Yukiko.png
Yukiko's Cut-in
Q CloseUp Kanji.png
Kanji's Cut-in
Q CloseUp Rise.png
Rise's Cut-in
Q CloseUp Teddie.png
Teddie's Cut-in
Q CloseUp Naoto.png
Naoto's Cut-in
Q CloseUp Margaret.png
Margaret's Cut-in
Q CloseUp Zen and Rei.png
Zen and Rei's Cut-in
Q CloseUp Zen.png
Zen's Cut-in
Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth
Q2 CloseUp P3Protag.png
P3 Protagonist's Cut-in
Q2 CloseUp P3PProtag.png
Q2 CloseUp Yukari.png
Yukari's Cut-in
Q2 CloseUp Junpei.png
Junpei's Cut-in
Q2 CloseUp Akihiko.png
Akihiko's Cut-in
Q2 CloseUp Mitsuru.png
Mitsuru's Cut-in
Q2 CloseUp Fuuka.png
Fuuka's Cut-in
Q2 CloseUp Aigis.png
Aigis' Cut-in
Q2 CloseUp Koromaru.png
Koromaru's Cut-in
Q2 CloseUp Ken.png
Ken's Cut-in
Q2 CloseUp Shinjiro.png
Shinjiro's Cut-in
Q2 CloseUp Elizabeth.png
Elizabeth's Cut-in
Q2 CloseUp Theodore.png
Theodore's Cut-in
Q2 CloseUp P4Protag.png
P4 Protagonist's Cut-in
Q2 CloseUp Yosuke.png
Yosuke's Cut-in
Q2 CloseUp Chie.png
Chie's Cut-in
Q2 CloseUp Yukiko.png
Yukiko's Cut-in
Q2 CloseUp Kanji.png
Kanji's Cut-in
Q2 CloseUp Rise.png
Rise's Cut-in
Q2 CloseUp Teddie.png
Teddie's Cut-in
Q2 CloseUp Naoto.png
Naoto's Cut-in
Q2 CloseUp Margaret.png
Margaret's Cut-in
Q2 CloseUp Joker.png
P5 Protagonist's Cut-in
Q2 CloseUp Morgana.png
Morgana's Cut-in
Q2 CloseUp Ryuji.png
Ryuji's Cut-in
Q2 CloseUp Ann.png
Ann's Cut-in
Q2 CloseUp Yusuke.png
Yusuke's Cut-in
Q2 CloseUp Makoto.png
Makoto's Cut-in
Q2 CloseUp Futaba.png
Futaba's Cut-in
Q2 CloseUp Haru.png
Haru's Cut-in
Q2 CloseUp Akechi.png
Akechi's Cut-in
Q2 CloseUp Caroline.png
Caroline's Cut-in
Q2 CloseUp Justine.png
Justine's Cut-in
Persona Stalker Club
Stalker Cut In.png
Cut-in of the hosts (modified from Yukiko's and Kanji's)
Kajita Mafia V cut-in.png
Kajita Mafia V's cut-in (modified from Makoto's)
Tomomi Isomura V cut-in.png
Tomomi Isomura V 's cut-in (modified from Futaba's)

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