The "cut-in" that takes place when the Protagonist of Persona 3 summons a Persona.

Cut-in (カットイン, Katto In)?, also known as close-up or Persona eyes, is an effect in the Persona series.



Cut in is a stylish animation technique used to depict character's portrait in Japanese animes and video games. It is usually presented with a sudden overlapping of the thin stripe of close-up of character's eyes over the screen to create a tense or climatic effect, used when summoning the Persona the first time or to deal critical or weakness-exploiting damage. Another type of cut-in is by arranging the characters' bust portraits stylishly all over the screen to depict the preparation of All-Out Attack (Persona 3 onwards) or Fusion Spells (Persona 2 duology remakes).

In the Japanese version, the cut-in for critical damage has the onomatopoeia, "(カッ, Ka-!)?" in P3 and P4 and "(ブチッ, Buchi-!)?" in P5, to express the sound effect of the cut-in sequence. It is replaced by a double exclamation mark (!!) in the oversea releases.

In Persona 5 Royal, all of the cut-in illustrations available can be viewed in Thieves Den.

Although it was not Atlus who invented the cut-in effect, it successfully defines the style of the Persona spin-off series and derives some fair amount of fan-made tribute works or parodies of the cut-in artworks, of either media related to Megami Tensei series or not.


Persona 3
Persona 4
Persona 4 The Animation
Persona 4 Yu's personalized anime close up
Yu Narukami
Chie anime close up
Chie Satonaka
Yosuke anime close up
Yosuke Hanamura
488677-persona4a 42
Yukiko Amagi
Teddie anime close up
Persona 4 teddie
Teddie (Alternate)
Kanji anime close up
Kanji Tatsumi
Naoto anime close up
Naoto Shirogane
Persona 4 Rise 2
Tohru Adachi anime close up
Tohru Adachi
Persona 4 Arena
Mitsuru Close Up P4U
Mitsuru close up with sunglasses
Mitsuru w/Sunglasses
Akihiko close up with ski goggles
Akihiko Sanada w/Ski Goggles
Aigis Close Up P4U
Yukari P4U2 Cut-in
Ultimax Yukari Takeba
P4AU Junpei close up
Ultimax Junpei Iori
P4Au older version of Ken close up version
Ultimax Ken Amada
Yu close up without glasses
Yu Narukami
Yosuke close up
Yosuke Hanamura
Chie close up
Chie Satonaka
Yukiko close up
Yukiko Amagi
Teddie close up with mask
Masked Teddie
Kanji close up
Kanji Tatsumi
Naoto's close up
Naoto Shiorgane
Rise close up in P4AU
Ultimax Rise Kujikawa
Marie Cut-in
Ultimax Marie
Labrys close up
P4U Labrys close up with visor
Ultimax Labrys w/Visor (1)
P4U Labrys Visor
Ultimax Labrys w/Visor (2)
P4U Shadow Labrys visor
Ultimax Shadow Labrys w/Visor
Adachi P4U2 closeup
Ultimax Tohru Adachi
Sho close up in P4AU
Ultimax Sho Minazuki
Persona 4: Dancing All Night
P4D Yu close up
Yu Narukami
P4D Yosuke close up
Yosuke Hanamura
P4D Chie close up
Chie Satonaka
P4D Yukiko close up
Yukiko Amagi
P4D Kanji close up
Kanji Tatsumi
P4D Teddie close up
P4D Rise close up
Rise Kujikawa
P4D Naoto close up
Naoto Shirogane
Persona 5
Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers
Persona Stalker Club
Stalker Cut In
Cut-in of the hosts
Kajita Mafia V cut-in
Kajita Mafia V's cut-in (modified from Makoto's)
Tomomi Isomura V cut-in
Tomomi Isomura V 's cut-in (modified from Futaba's)
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