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Cozy Okada

Cozy Okada (also known as 岡田耕始, Okada Kouji) is one of the six founders of Atlus. He was the creator of the Shin Megami Tensei video games and the Devil Summoner and Persona spinoffs, directing and producing most of the original titles with Kazuma Kaneko. He is seldom seen without his trademark glasses.

He started out in the game industry working for Universal Technos (now Aruze) in 1983 before leaving to join Tecmo. On April 7, 1986, Okada formed Atlus with six others, where he was the creative force behind the Megaten series along with Kazuma Kaneko. Cozy eventually departed from Atlus and formed the game company Gaia on October 31, 2003, and produce games such as Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner and Folklore until it was disestablished in 2010.

Cozy's favorite demon in the series is the mascot Jack Frost.


The following is an incomplete list of games that Cozy has been credited with.



  • Cozy is the final BattleNet opponent unlocked in DemiKids. Winning 110 S-Rank battles will unlock him. He gives a Michael and two different versions of Lucifer after being defeated a certain number of times. Cozy is also the final opponent faced in the tournament, where he'll give a Paramese and a Norn for winning one hundred battles.