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This article is about the song. For more uses, see Counterstrike.

Counterstrike w Lyrics - Persona 5 Scramble OST

"Counter Strike" is a boss theme in Persona 5 Strikers. It is composed by Gota Masuoka of Koei Tecmo, with lyrics by Rike Schmalz and vocals by Lyn Inaizumi. It plays during the battles against Hero Akira and Kuon Ichinose's swarm attack.

The song shares similar melodies to "Remember, We Got Your Back".

Official Lyrics

Counter strike
Come on, give it your all

You've come a long way
But let me just say
Faking is not enough, so

Counter strike
Ain't it all worth fighting for, no?
Being a device is not what you signed up for

Welcome back to your own game show!

So many melodies deep inside you
Your own rhythm is the one to go for
Come on now!
Dance your own crazy style on and on as you like
Ev'ry time     A thin line     No limits     Only new options

(Try to be yourself!)
Time to listen to your heart
Once again ready to start
Can't you see what is inside
All alone astray in the night

(Acting like you’re right!)
It's your turn to get it right
Get up now, ready to fight
Bring it on, your counter strike
Is the only chance you will get

(Don’t you dare forget!)
Oh never forget to show your true colors
Oh never forget to question destiny
You can be more than a puppet
You'll never be just a doll

Can't you feel
The rhythm
So vivid

Yes you are right
This is your fight
Counter strike
Time to be your own hero

Counter strike
Come on, you've seen it all

Nothing more to say
Today's a new day
So won't you at least try, no?

Counter strike
Waiting won't fix it for you though
Be honest, haven't you learned it the hard way, no?

Welcome back to your magic show!

So many beautiful dreams inside you
You are the one who needs to care for them
Dream on now!
With your head in the clouds, left and right, up and down
Honestly     Just break free     Maybe there really are wonders?

(No more irony!)
Time to listen to my heart
Oh I'm ready to start
I have seen what is inside
No more straying through the night

(I decide what’s right!)
Finally I got it right
I am here, ready to fight
Bring it on, my counter strike
Will burn down ev'ry foe ahead

(I want to dream on!)
I'll never forget to show my true colors
I'll never forget to question destiny
I will be more than a puppet
I'll never be just a doll

I can feel
The rhythm
So vivid

Yes you were right
This is my fight
Counter strike
Time to get up on my feet

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