The Counter-Demon Force (悪魔討伐隊, Akuma tōbatsu-tai)? (abbreviated CDF) is a organization in Shin Megami Tensei IV and Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse.


The Counter-Demon Force was founded by the Minister of Defense Tamagami in order to combat demons. After Demonica technology was developed by Country A and Japan, Japan began using the technology to combat demons. The group became the second best nation at combating demons in the world. Their military was made up of soldiers and National Defense Divinities, along with other demons who sought to combat demonic threats. Their base is found at Kasumigaseki in the Chiyoda region of Tokyo.

The organization fell in the incident 25 years ago, when the Demon Summoning Program was uploaded across the world and a portal to the Expanse that was opened proved too much for the organization as the demons swarmed in. Once the Firmament was created, they faced opposition against the Ashura-kai along with the demons, and their force was eventually crushed. Skins, Kenji, Kiyoharu and the young man who fused with Masakado were all members of this group.

In Blasted Tokyo, the force was crushed 25 years ago by God's Wrath, with many of the surviving members dying while attempting to fight Pluto in the transformed Tokyo. In Infernal Tokyo, the force was also crushed around the same time and the survivors became demonoids.

Notable MembersEdit

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