Coordinate 136 (ポイント136, Pointo hyaku san juu roku)? is the location of a ruined castle in Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner. As the castle itself is not named (and may not have a name), "Coordinate 136" can also refer to the castle itself. However, even though the castle has no name a voice recording says "Welcome to Destinyland" as you enter.

Profile[edit | edit source]

When Sera is kidnapped from the Embryon Base in Muladhara by the Solids, Cielo learns that the Solids plan to bring Sera to the mysterious ruin at Coordinate 136. Although Gale knows that this is a trap, the Embryon have no choice but to follow the lead and try to rescue Sera. Upon arriving at the castle, the Embryon find it disturbingly familiar, although none of them have any memories of having ever been there before.

Entering the castle, they hear a fragmented recording of the tale of a princess caught between the love of two princes, one good and one evil; solving the castle's puzzles brings the princess closer to her prince in the tale. Partway up the castle, the recording is lost in static, and that segment of the tale is left ambiguous until later, where it is revealed that the "good" prince was evil and the "evil" prince was good; the puzzles now bring the princess closer to the truly good prince, and resolve the conflict between the two princes.

Finally, upon reaching the top floor, the Embryon find the treacherous Bat and his ally, Mick the Slug, the leader of the Solids, holding Sera captive. When the Embryon advance on the two, Bat threatens to kill Sera unless the Embryon surrender. Heat's vehement reaction betrays his feelings for Sera, so Bat offers to give her to him if he betrays the Embryon. He agrees, and attacks Serph, but in the midst of the battle, he tells Serph that their fight must be a diversion so that they can rescue Sera safely.

The distraction works, forcing Bat to grab Sera and attempt to flee, only for Cielo to wound him and rescue Sera himself. The Embryon follow Mick inside, where he desperately shifts into his Atma Avatar form, Rahu, but he is finally defeated. After the fight, Cielo joins with the others for good, and the Embryon travel to the Deserted Ship to set a trap for Bat and eliminate him once and for all.

Later, a treasure chest appears inside the entrance to the castle, watched over by a Pyro Jack. He requests the Embryon find the key needed to open the chest; several demons will then fill the castle. Talking to them or battling them will net one different key, only one of which can truly open the chest. When the Embryon find the correct key, the Jack steals the treasure and brings it to his master, the optional boss King Frost, who can be found at the castle's top floor. Defeating him yields the Ice Crystal, which is confiscated to open the King Mantra, which contains several moves in King Frost's skill-set.

Demons[edit | edit source]

Demon LV HP MP Weak Strong Null Drain Repel
Apsaras 25 162 224 Fire - Elec - -
Baphomet 26 156 236 Expel Ailments Fire, Death - -
Black Ooze 30 268 220 Elec, Earth, Ex Physical - Fire, Ice Death
Cu Chulainn 30 252 192 Poision, Nerve Ph, Ic, Elec, Fo Expel, Death - -
Formor 24 216 200 Elec, Ailments - Ice - -
Jack Frost 25 136 224 Fire - - Ice -
Jinn 27 180 244 Elec - - Force -
Onkot 20 136 184 El, Charm, Nerv Physical - - -
Principality 22 220 256 Mute, Death - - - Expel
Pyro Jack 25 136 260 Ice - - Fire -
Sarasvati 30 220 288 Fire - Elec, Ailments - Expel
Thoth 27 172 268 Death Physical Ailments - -
Turdak 23 171 180 Expel, Panic - Fire, Death - -
Unicorn 24 168 180 Death Ice, Force Expel, Charm - -
Virtue 28 192 232 Elec, Death Earth - - Expel
Bosses / Compulsory Battles
Demon HP MP Weak Strong Null Drain Repel
Jack Frost 700 700 Fire - Expel, Death, Ailements Ice -
Pyro Jack Ice Fire
4x Nigi Mitama 400 - Fire Force, Elec Ph, Ic, Ea, Ail, Ex, De - -
2x Taown 252 232 Earth - - Force -
Rahu Head 1,500 - Force - Fire, Elec, Earth, Ail, De, Ex - -
Rahu Body 1,000 - Fire - Ice, Force, Earth, Ail, De, Ex - -
Titania 280 688 Ailments Earth Fi, Ic, Elec, Fo - -
King Frost 4,000 - - Physical Fire, De, Ex, Ail Ice -

Items[edit | edit source]

  • Magic Noise
  • Quantum Cell
  • MP Noise
  • Moldy Roll x 3
  • Soma Drop
  • Chakra Pot
  • Luck Noise
  • Nerve Shot
  • Revival Gem
  • Yellow Key
  • Quick Noise (behind a Yellow Wall)
  • Magic Mirror x 2 (behind a Yellow Wall)
  • Chakra Pot (behind a Yellow Wall)
  • Soma (behind a Red Wall)
  • Logic Cell (behind a Red Wall)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the Destinyland castle, there is a statue named Twinklebell who gives tips to the party for them to advance. Given that she is based on the Tinker Bell from J. M. Barrie's 1904 play Peter Pan, this might also be another Disneyland allusion as the park also features Tinker Bell prominently.

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